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Christina Passmore

How Bundling Can Unlock Your Success on Amazon

Christina Passmore
Founder & CEO, Christina Ink

Bundling on Amazon is a secret weapon to effectively scale a wholesale business so long as it's done thoughtfully and with proper research and tools.

Wholesaling on Amazon can be competitive as sellers commonly find the same products to sell and compete for the buy box. Wholesale sellers go to extreme lengths to avoid competing directly with Amazon-branded products; it’s a known fact that competing with Amazon is not sustainable or practical.

What Is Bundling?

Bundling is the process of selling highly complementary products together. A bundle is different from a pack of products in that each product in the bundle is highly complementary but distinct.

Bundling is an excellent opportunity for wholesale sellers to create new and exciting product bundles for existing branded products. These bundles are sourced through vendors and made to stand out on Amazon uniquely.

To start a bundle on Amazon, you should keep in mind the following rules of thumb:

  1. Bundles must consist of items that are highly complementary and provide value to the buyer
  2. A bundle may only be listed in one category
  3. If a return is processed, be advised that Amazon will enforce refunding the total cost; however, the customer must only return the one item in question
  4. You must include the word bundle in the title and the number of items contained in the bundle
  5. The first bullet point must contain that the product is a bundle with the number of items in that bundle


For full information on Amazon bundling policies, please see this link.

A wholesale seller needs to think more organically about customer shopping habits and patterns to create a valuable bundle. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when creating bundles:

  • What products are commonly purchased together?
  • Does bundling create a larger sense of value?
  • Does the bundle you are creating solve a problem for the customer?

If You’re Looking To Create a Wholesale Bundle, SmartScout Is a Game-Changer to Sourcing Products for Bundles.

Our Traffic Graph provides both a visual representation and a highlight of important product data to show commonly purchased together products. There is nothing else like our Traffic Graph on the market of Amazon software tools! The Traffic Graph is a secret weapon to wholesalers looking to create unique product bundles, as we boast the most extensive catalog of product ASIN’s on the market.

Pro Tip: Search by ASIN or keyword to view the Traffic Graph and gain meaningful insight into a customer’s purchase decisions.

#1 Increased Sales

Combining well-selling, complementary products and bundling these products require research and understanding your buyer’s pain points and the niche you are selling in.

Your Goal in Bundling Is To Solve Customer’s Pain Points and Provide an Easy Solution in a One-Step Process of Buying.

The customer isn’t required to source multiple products and sift through a barrage of listings on Amazon to find what solves their pain points. You’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation, and as a result, they are more likely to click add to cart and finalize their transaction.

If you've done your research correctly and understand the products and market, this can mean a significant spike in conversions.

#2 Prevent Hijackers

A hijacker is a common term in Amazon, but it is certainly not a welcome experience.

In case you’re not up to speed on what exactly a hijacker is, allow us to adequately explain.

Hijacking occurs when a seller creates an offer on your listing, claiming to sell your exact product. Cases of hijacking can be incredibly frustrating because you can lose the buy box to the counterfeit seller.

Customers tend to seek a lower price, and if a counterfeit offer claims a lower price, they not only win the buy box, but they typically get the sale.

The hijacker then sends the customer an unbranded counterfeit product. (We’ve heard of instances of hijackers sending sand in a package box!)

Other than the obvious, a big issue with hijacking is that the customer often leaves negative feedback and negative reviews, when in fact, your brand had nothing to do with the transaction. Hijacking is terrible for Amazon seller’s brand trust and bottom lines!

Bundling makes hijacking more difficult as hijackers are less likely to attach themselves to multiple product listings. The more work required for a hijacker, the less likely they are to link to a listing from the outset.

#3 Better Competitive Edge

Providing a more effortless customer experience offers the customer an easy and fluid buying decision. Solving problems with bundles create a high differentiating factor from your competitors, and in turn, a bundled product can be the only seller with that same bundle on Amazon. It’s a great way to stand out and dominate your niche.

SmartScout offers a diverse range of tools for all types of Amazon sellers looking for the best products and brands. If you’re looking to wholesale bundle products on Amazon, the traffic graph can help you narrow in on the most complementary products for the bundles you seek to create.

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Christina Passmore
Founder & CEO, Christina Ink

Christina Passmore is the founder and CEO of Christina Ink. Christina Ink helps Amazon agencies and sellers craft compelling content to help them grow their reach and skyrocket their growth in the Amazon ecosystem. In her spare time, Christina enjoys actively participating in the Amazon community, fitness, and outdoor activity in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, where she currently resides.

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