Calculate Amazon's Low Inventory Fee

No more guess work and miscalculations. Get a close estimate of Amazon's low inventory fee with SmartScout's free calculator.
This Calculator was created with inspiration from Marketplace Prep. Click Here or a full breakdown of how low inventory fees will impact your business.

How does this calculator work?

How are fees applied?

The Low Inventory Fee is based on your 30-day and 90-day inventory history, affecting future orders if stock levels don't meet criteria. It's applied weekly, not retroactively, and is calculated at the Parent ASIN level, offering strategic planning opportunities.

Is the result accurate?

This tool offers a ballpark figure, not accounting for every nuance of your product. Dive deeper on your own to fully meet your needs. Beware: some product sizes might show slight variances because of Amazon's complex data handling.

What should I do next?

Adjust your inventory to always stay above 28 days, factoring in a 7-day buffer for Amazon's updates. Use strategic forecasting and the Low Inventory Fee calculator to manage stock efficiently and mitigate fees.