"Frequently bought together" means frequently profitable

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Utilizing the "frequently bought together" section of other Amazon products translates into a sales increase of up to 35%. But trying to understand Amazon's uniquely-built recommendation engine can be tricky and time-consuming.

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Smart Scout's unique Traffic Graph reverse searches this engine to show you where your competitors are getting their traffic from and the best places to advertise your products.

Finding where to advertise on Amazon has never been easier

step 1

Search Amazon products

Simply enter any keyword or ASIN in the search field, and SmartScout instantly builds your personalized Traffic Graph, a visual traffic flow of every related product.

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Get critical traffic information

The Traffic Graph uses each product's estimated monthly revenue to measure its traffic strength. Double-click on your target product to reveal a table of related products that are sortable by traffic strength or ASIN.

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step 3

Plug the results into advertising

Export your traffic source table to Excel and copy the top 20 to 30 ASINs into your Amazon advertising campaign. Repeat the process for any other competing products. It's that simple.

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One tool with a dual objective

Dive deep into product research

Understand your customers better by identifying their traffic patterns around any product in your subcategory. Know their purchasing habits, instead of guessing.

Advertise like a ninja

Boost sales by advertising on the product pages that are recommending your competitor's products through the "frequently bought together" section.

Get the edge over your competitors

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There is no other tool like Traffic Graph. Anywhere.

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Visualize every complementary product easily with product images and graphs.

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Traffic Graph is included for free with a SmartScout subscription.

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Designed to make you money through targeted advertising.

Find your traffic flow with SmartScout

Traffic Graph is the only tool that shows you every  "frequently bought together" product and, in turn, the best Amazon product pages for advertising.
Find your traffic flow with SmartScout