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Assess the profitability of products en masse

SmartScout's UPC Scanner enables Amazon sellers to import entire product lists and instantly discover the products that'll be the most profitable to sell.
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Tired of analyzing wholesale products one by one?

It happens every time you get a product list.

If you've ever gotten an extensive wholesale product list from a supplier, you know how time-consuming it is to research each item's profitability through Amazon or a product database.

With SmartScout's UPC Scanner, you can find the products that'll bring in the best ROI from any size list, and you can do it with just a couple of data columns in an Excel file.

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Get to the gold a hundred times faster

With lists containing thousands of products, the UPC scanner can turn hours of research into a few minutes with a couple of simple steps.
step 1

Import your UPC list

Copy and paste just three data columns (UPC*, Selling Price, and Product Cost) into our Excel template and import it into the UPC Scanner. 

SmartScout builds a profitability assessment table from your product list using the latest data from Amazon.

*ASIN or EAN are also valid fields

Step 1: Import your UPC list

Filter for the right products

Take advantage of our filterable columns to zero in on the products that meet the criteria of your Amazon business.

Create a shortlist of ideal products by setting parameters for the Number of Sellers, Amazon-in-stock Rate, Monthly Revenue Estimate, or any of our other data fields.

Step 2: Filter for the right products
step 3

Uncover the hidden profit

Since SmartScout pulls in the relevant fees for every product, it can accurately predict each ASIN's profitability.

Then, you can sort your table by Net Profit, Net Margins, or ROI to push the most lucrative opportunities to the top and discover which products are worth your investment.

Step 3: Uncover the hidden profit

Scrutinize every product's true profit potential

The UPC scanner gives you the metrics on a product's profitability, including fees and expenses.
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Know seller proceeds

Get concrete numbers on what your take-home payout looks like after FBA, storage, and Amazon referral fees.

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See net profit

The UPC Scanner automatically subtracts product costs from seller proceeds to show your net profit on every item.

net margins icon

Determine net margins

Understand the relationship between each item's potential profit and revenue in your suppliers' lists.

discover the roi icon

Discover the ROI

Know how much money you'll get back for every dollar you spend on inventory with the ROI data column. 

product profitability metrics

Filter your product lists with data galore

product title icon

Product Title

Filter products by any word or characters in the title.

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Narrow down your list by the brands you want to sell.

category icon


Identify the products within your categories of choice.

rank icon

Product Rank

Organize your products by how well they sell on Amazon.

Amazon-In-Stock Rate icon

Amazon-In-Stock Rate

Avoid competing with Amazon by eliminating the products they carry.

sellers icon

Number of Sellers

Remove the competition by filtering out ASINs with several sellers.

revenue icon

Monthly Revenue Estimate

Weed out the products that don't meet your revenue criteria.

reviews icon

Number of Reviews

Filter your list by setting the range for the number of reviews of an item.

Amazon fees icon

Amazon Fees

Determine the profitability of a product with its storage, referral, and FBA fees.

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