Brands on Amazon for arbitrage and wholesale

SmartScout organizes brands so you can easily find the best selling items
When you think about your favorite products, do you actually think about products, or do you think of your favorite brands? Most people think of brands! Tap into these strong attachments with our powerful toolset.
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See Amazon in a brand new light. Twice.

SmartScout gives you two unique ways to explore brands like never before. 
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Search by category

Have a specialty in a certain field? Search within categories for best selling brands within your expertise.

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Search by brand

Want products that fit within your criteria? Use our filters to find struggling brands to fix, or healthy brands for convenient resale.

Find your perfect brands fast

SmartScout's in-class filters are the fastest way to navigate Amazon's massive database and to ultimately find your ideal brands.
step 1

Ready your search

Start your brand hunt by entering your search guidelines into the Smart Filters. Or leave them blank to keep the initial search broad. Whatever you choose, SmartScout delivers your database in seconds.

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Step 2

Set your brand criteria

Each column in the database has its own filters. Enter your brand criteria in them to pinpoint your ideal brands. Below, you'll find a few ideas for leveraging these powerful filters.

smartscout brand filters
monthly revenue estimate icon

Monthly Revenue Estimate

Determine the size of your target brands. Raise the range for bigger brands and lower it for smaller ones.

Amazon In Stock Rate icon

Amazon In Stock Rate

Don't compete with Amazon. Ever. Lower the MAX to view brands consistently NOT doing business with Amazon.

Average Number of FBA Sellers icon

Average Number of FBA Sellers

Avoid competition. Lower the MAX to find brands with fewer Fulfillment-By-Amazon (FBA) sellers on average.

Dominant Sellers icon

Dominant Sellers

Eliminate sellers with more than 50% of the revenue on a brand. Or choose the dominant sellers you want to see.

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Average Size of Product icon

Average Size of Product

Don't deal with oversize. Set the filter to find brands with products that have a low average volume in cubic feet.

Average Selling Price icon

Average Selling Price

Get more value for each product. Raise the MIN to find brands with higher Buy Box prices across all products.

Brand Score icon

Brand Score

Identify the brands with a lot of content on their product pages, like images, bullet points, and product info.

step 3

Go check out the products

With SmartScout's revolutionary data organization system, you can view and filter the products (and sellers) of many brands with just a couple of clicks. Now every Amazon data point you need is right at your fingertips, all in one interface.

One screen, many brands

Select any brand to open up a tab with all of its products. Easily switch between brands by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

Filter for products

Like brands, you can narrow your product search using the filters in each data column to find the best products that work for you.

View sellers of any brand

Each brand tab also has its own seller's table. With it, you can view, sort, or filter all of the sellers of the selected brand.

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Get even more data on every product any brand has to offer

hover icon

Hover over product images to enlarge

sort icon

Easily sort and view out of stock items

click icon

Click on any ASIN to open the product page

review filter icon

Filter for products with high review ratings

revenue filter icon

Filter products by their monthly revenue

page score icon

Identify quality content with the page score

Brands aren’t just important, they’re the secret sauce of Amazon.

Tapping into brand data is what can allow you to find high quality, profitable products with long-term success.
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