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Uncover the Amazon PPC tactics of your competitors
With AdSpy, you'll be able to see the metrics behind all of your competitors' paid search terms and discover the best keywords to target within your own Amazon PPC advertising campaign.
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Is your Amazon PPC campaign losing the war?

It's time to get better intel.

Advertising on Amazon is war. You battle with competitors to get your sponsored products in front of prospective customers based on their search terms.

But you've got no clue which search terms your competitors are targeting or by what percentages their campaigns are winning.

Enter AdSpy. It shows you all of a brand's paid search terms and the keyword win rates for every sponsored page position.

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Spearhead your advertising effort with real-world info

AdSpy shows you exactly how well any campaign is performing so you can dominate every Amazon PPC battle.
1. Assess your position

1. Assess your position

With AdSpy, you can analyze the effectiveness of your own campaigns and even see which competitors are targeting you on specific search terms.

2. Spy on competitors

2. Spy on competitors

Next, step behind enemy lines and snoop on your competitors' schemes. AdSpy reveals all of their paid search terms and by what degree each of them is winning.

3. Advance your campaign

3. Advance your campaign

Use your newly acquired intel to reposition your ads to target the most effective search terms and the customers who are already looking for your products.

Validate brand wins and losses

Advertising on Amazon can feel like fighting a battle in the dark. But with AdSpy, you can see the whole battlefield by viewing any brand's paid search terms and seeing what percentages those terms are winning the sponsored positions.

Validate brand wins and losses

Defend your brand's name

Discover which brands are actively targeting their paid advertising at your brand name. AdSpy reveals how often you're losing the sponsored positions on your own branded search terms and paves the way for a counterattack.

Defend your brand's name

Push PPC data to your team

Export your filtered data directly into an Excel spreadsheet with just a couple of clicks and give your advertising team the information they need to get your Amazon ad campaign firing on all cylinders.

Push PPC data to your team

Unlock loads of brand-level information

Like many other databases in SmartScout, we've structured AdSpy so you can first see data from a brand perspective.
Estimated Searches icon

Estimated Searches

See approximately how many hits each search term is getting.

Sponsored Products icon

Sponsored Products

Get the complete list of paid search terms on any brand or product.

Sponsored Brand Win Rate icon

Sponsored Brand Win Rate

Discover which search terms are putting a brand at the top of the page.

Sponsored Video Win Rate icon

Sponsored Video Win Rate

Identify which brands have the most-watched videos and copy them.

Top Spot Win Rate icon

Top Spot Win Rate

See the brands and products dominating the top-left sponsored position.

Top Group Win Rate icon

Top Group Win Rate

Determine how often a brand or product is getting ads in the top sponsored row.

Zero in on terms and products

Get granular with information and click-through on data fields to go even deeper into your brand and product research.
Analyse search term activity icon

Analyse search term activity

Unveil all the brands competing on a specific keyword by clicking a button right within any search term result. 

Examine product success icon

Examine product success

Dissect the win-rate percentages of every product contending for any particular search term.

See the results right in Amazon icon

See the results right in Amazon

Click on any search term to open a new tab that shows you those exact search results live in Amazon.

Zero in on terms and products image

Get on the offensive with AdSpy today.

Access valuable ad information on your competitors today and take the first step of dominating the ad wars.