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Think finding great Amazon sellers is difficult?

Think again.

If you're scouring Amazon pages to determine if a seller is a good fit for your business, stop.
With a database of over 1.5M sellers and the best-in-class filtering tools available, SmartScout uncovers hundreds of Amazon sellers that fall within your search criteria.

Find clients that need your marketing expertise

Easily identify the Amazon sellers who could use your advertising help and get all the information you need on their products.

Find clients that need your marketing expertise

Buy Amazon businesses that'll grow

Determine if a private label brand has potential for growth with SmartScout's advanced analytic tools.

Buy Amazon businesses that'll grow

Get more subscribers for your SaaS products

Discover hundreds of sellers that are looking for the software services you've worked so hard to build and optimize.

Get more subscribers for your SaaS products

All the filters needed to find the right sellers

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Private Label or Wholesale

View the kind of sellers you work with by specifying the number of brands they cover.

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See local or national sellers only with our state and country data fields.

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Monthly Revenue

Find the caliber of businesses you're looking for with our monthly revenue filter.

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Segment out the sellers that have products in the categories that fit your specialty.

Be in the know before you jump on the call

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Know if a company has a revenue of $1M or $10M a month.

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Understand how well product pages are built out with direct links to Amazon.

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See the quality of a seller's product images without leaving the SmartScout interface.

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 Identify Amazon relationships with a fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) percentage.

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Know the share of the Buy Box percentage the seller has on any product.


Form partnerships in your neighborhood

With Smartscout's brand-new seller map, you can view all the Amazon businesses of any region.

Zero in on your ideal sellers

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Search a seller name to find their business on the map

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Search seller map by Amazon product category

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Look for sellers within a monthly revenue range

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Determine the maximum number of sellers to show on the map

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Know the size (revenue) of the seller by the size of the circle

Your perfect list of sellers is a couple of clicks away

With a subscription to SmartScout, you can search for businesses and take advantage of a complete suite of tools with insights on every brand and product on Amazon.
And your first seven days are on us.
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