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With more filters than any other finder, SmartScout enables you to discover the products that'll give you the best ROI.
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ASINs with at least $50 in monthly revenue


data columns for sorting and filtering products



products that can be viewed on a single page

Avoid Amazon like the plague

Smart sellers don't compete with Amazon. Ever. That's why SmartScout lets you filter products by the Amazon-in-stock rate and easily steer clear of the biggest shark in the water.

Avoid Amazon like the plague

Get the bird's eye view

See your research from way up high. SmartScout shows you up to 5000 products on a single page so you can quickly scroll and scan product data without excessive page-turning.

Get the bird's eye view

See any product at a glance

Hover over the thumbnail in any row to display a larger image of the product. And instantly see what a product looks like in detail without ever leaving the page.

See any product at a glance

Understand every page's content

Know the quality of a product page with the Product Page Score - SmartScout's unique algorithm that looks at a product's information and images and delivers an evaluative score from 1 to 10.

Understand every page's content

 Getting to your top products is as easy as 1-2-3

SmartScout's powerful product finder makes light work of sifting through the millions of products on Amazon.
step 1

Decide on your categories

If you're focusing on one category, select it from the Smart Filter. If you'd like to search over several categories, choose "- All -." Later, you'll be able to pick which categories you want to focus on.

When you're ready, press search and SmartScout goes to work, creating your database with hundreds of thousands of products ready to be filtered.

Decide on your categories
Step 2

Isolate your target products with filters

Whether you're looking for 10 or 10,000 products, the column filters make it easy to do so. Simply click any column heading to set its filter.

As you enter your parameters, SmartScout eliminates the products that don't meet your criteria. Adjust each of the 19 column filters until you've whittled the list down to the number of products you want to view.

Isolate your target products with filters

Take advantage of SmartScout's powerful filters

category icon


Select the categories you want to appear in the product search.

Amazon In Stock Rate icon

Amazon In Stock Rate

Stay away from Amazon by setting a low Amazon in-stock rate.

Monthly Revenue Estimate icon

Monthly Revenue Estimate

Set the monthly revenue range of the products you want to see.

Review Count icon

Review Count

See only the products with a certain number of reviews.

Number of FBA Sellers icon

Number of FBA Sellers

Find products with low competition by limiting the FBA seller number.

Buy Box Price icon

Buy Box Price

Determine the Buy Box price range of your product search.

Review Rating icon

Review Rating

View products within a particular review-rating range.

Product Page Score icon

Product Page Score

Eliminate products that lack content on their Amazon page.

Out of Stock Now

Out of Stock Now

Show or hide the products that are currently out of stock.

step 3

Plunge into product research

Once you've got your shortlist, it's time for the research. Scan the list of products and check out their images by hovering over the thumbnail.

If a product looks like a good match for your business, click on the ASIN to open its page on Amazon. When you're done, jump back to the SmartScout tab and check out the other products on your product list.

Plunge into product research

Discover your perfect products today.

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Discover your perfect products today.