About SmartScout

Tried and True

SmartScout is a tool that with roots that go back the creation of the company BuyBoxer.

Scott Needham founded BuyBoxer in 2011 and has become of the highest reviewed sellers on Amazon. BuyBoxer is selling over 300k ASINs through the FBA process. One of the secrets was this very tool to help find diamonds in the rough. SmartScout has allowed us to have a birds eye view of the workings of Amazon. We continue to see success and invite you to experience what we have.

SmartScout Youtube channel

Want to learn more?

Check out Scott's podcast, the Smartest Amazon Seller, to hear insight and success from years of experience and ongoing projects. You will find us also on our YouTube  channel for videos exploring the ins and out of Amazon selling, and follow Scott's Instagram @smartestseller. Scott's content is action oriented on how you can get an edge on Amazon.