Amazon FBA Profit and Revenue Calculator

Stop FBA fees from stealing your profits
SmartScout's FBA calculator shows Amazon sellers and service providers a clear picture of their FBA fees so they can make the most profit possible on every single product.
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Is Amazon shipping holding your revenue back?

There's an easy way to find out.

If you ship products through FBA, you already know Amazon's fees can get really expensive, really fast.

Whether you're selling private-label, wholesale, or arbitrage, fulfillment by Amazon can take a good chunk of profits from your business if not done right.

With SmartScout's FBA calculator, you can get a  breakdown of the FBA fees on any ASIN, so you can be sure you're not paying any more in expenses than you need to. 

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Trim your product and FBA fees

Discover how to shrink your product and minimize FBA fees. SmartScout's FBA calculator shows you where you need to reduce the weight and size of your products, pushing your fulfillment fees to a lower Amazon product tier.

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Offset FBA fees and keep your profits

Know how FBA fees will affect your bottom line and adjust your selling price accordingly. Our FBA calculator shows your net profit when you enter the number of units sold, the cost of the product, and the selling price.

FBA fees made simple

With just a couple of pieces of information, you can understand your FBA fees in minutes.
step 1

Enter an ASIN

Copy an ASIN from anywhere (like SmartScout's product database) and paste it into the calculator. When you press Search, SmartScout automatically inserts your product's dimensions and weight into the calculation fields.

Step 1: Enter an ASIN

Optimize your product specifications

View your product's current fee tier and the next two lower ones. The calculator highlights where you can shave ounces or inches to move your item into a lower tier. You can even adjust the specs to see how your profits are affected by your product's size and weight.

Step 2 (for Private Label): Optimize your product specifications
step 3

Enter quantity, cost, and price

After confirming your product's specifications, plug in the total cost of the product, the units sold over a certain period, and your current selling price. The FBA calculator automatically determines your current net profits along with your net margins.

Step 3: Enter quantity, cost, and price
Step 4

See your price to profit ratio

Determine whether to raise or lower your selling price based on your net profits. Adjust the price to see how you can hit your target net margins. Or, change the units sold to see how your profits add up over your average week, month, or year.

Step 4: See your price to profit ratio

Everything you need to dial in your FBA fees

Just like our other tools, we've turbocharged our FBA calculator with features you won't find anywhere else.
ASIN search icon

ASIN search

Enter any ASIN, and SmartScout will automatically insert its dimensions and weight from our database.

Simple editable fields icon

Simple editable fields

To find your perfect price point quickly, our calculator has only 3 data points to input—cost, quantity, and price.

Adjustable dimensions icon

Adjustable dimensions

Move the sliders to quickly see how your profit will look when your product's dimensions and weight change.

Updated FBA data icon

Updated FBA data

SmartScout integrates the latest data into its FBA calculator, so you're always up to date with your fee information.

Referral calculations icon

Referral calculations

Our FBA calculator automatically includes 15% of the selling price, so you don't forget Amazon's referral fee.

Multiple tier info icon

Multiple tier info

See where you can drop ounces or inches to move your private label product into a lower (and cheaper) tier.

Color highlighting icon

Color highlighting

Easily know if your products are at least breaking even with profits displayed in green and losses shown in red.

Total profit analysis icon

Total profit analysis

Get a complete breakdown of your net profits and margins along with possible additional profits in lower tiers.

Sizing tier reference icon

Sizing tier reference

Easily view the details of Amazon's most common product sizing tiers with our handy built-in reference guide.

See how FBA fees are affecting your profits today. 

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