Selling Private Label on Amazon

See what's working on Amazon and make it better
SmartScout is the only tool that shows you the top performers in any niche so you can know what's selling and how to make your products perform even better.
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How much do you really know about your competition?

Not as much as you should.

Let's face it. In private label, those that do their homework sell more. They know who's dominating a niche, what keywords got them there, and where the opportunities for launching a new product are.

The trouble is, getting this information takes a long time.

SmartScout makes it a lot faster. With it, you can get unparalleled information about your competition on Amazon. And you can get it in minutes.

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Meet Subcategories.
The game-changer for private label sellers.

SmartScout is the only tool that enables you to focus your product research on any Amazon subcategory.

Identify the golden opportunities in a niche 

Uncover the top-performing private label sellers in any subcategory and see how you can one-up their products.

Isolate private label sellers

Target your direct private-label competitors. See virtually all the products sold by private label sellers in any given subcategory with the Number of Sellers filter.

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Find the top performers

With our Monthly Revenue Estimate filter, you can hone in on the products bringing in the most revenue and investigate the competitors you need to beat. 

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Know a product's page quality 

See at a glance how well (or poorly) an Amazon product page is built out. SmartScout analyzes the content of product pages and puts the score right in the product database.

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Link directly to Amazon

Continue deep research on potential products right in Amazon. In SmartScout, the ASIN field links to the product page so you can get to where you need to go on Amazon instantly.

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Export everything to Excel 

Once you find your target products in the database, SmartScout allows you to export your report into Excel for an easy handoff to your research assistants. 

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See what the world is selling

With SmartScout's seller map, you can find Amazon sellers by their geographical location and see the stats on everything in their warehouse. Try it for free.
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Advertise your products where it counts

With Traffic Graph, you can find the ASINs that best complement your products and target your marketing campaign where your buyers are shopping.
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Understand Amazon's traffic flow

See a visual map of "frequently bought together" products so you can understand how traffic moves in Amazon.

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Know where competitors get their traffic

With your competitor's ASIN (or keyword), you can identify all the products they get their traffic from in seconds.

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Uncover the best places to advertise

SmartScout shows you the product pages with the best potential for visibility through its Traffic Strength score.

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Plug the results into your marketing

Simply export your information to excel and put the top 20 ASINs right into your Amazon marketing campaign. 

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Get the edge on your competitors today.

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