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The Amazon Buy Box: The Fast Track at Winning

You’ve probably heard of the Amazon Buy Box if you're an Amazon seller. But are you familiar with how powerful this tool is when it comes to fast-tracking your store to stay ahead of the competition?

Assuming you’re like other aspiring small-business owners, you have little time to spare. Experiencing precise, commanding results is a must, and finding a way to power through the competition isn’t easy.

In this article, you’ll find out what the Amazon Buy Box is. You’ll also learn how it can completely change how you engineer your profits on Amazon. Finally, we’ll show you the best ways for you to put it to good use.

Amazon Selling: Increasing Your Odds

You’re probably aware of the number of people who use Amazon to satisfy their consumer requirements. More specifically, 40 percent of online sales are handled via one of many Amazon categories.

However, what you probably didn’t know was that the Amazon Buy Box accounts for nearly 85 percent of those purchases. Do we have your attention now?

The Amazon Buy Box

In the simplest terms, the Amazon Buy Box describes a box on the right side of all product listings when surfing Amazon. This box includes a product’s total price, seller and shipping info, and the option to add the item to your cart.

This little box has a massive impact on your overall sales and revenue and can help you maximize profits in a hurry. Once consumers click on a product, as long as it satisfies their requirements, they automatically tap “Add to Cart” without investigating products from any other sellers or even the Buy Box winner.

The Buy Box Must be Won

You can’t just choose to add the Amazon Buy Box as a part of your store off the rip. It requires several things from you as a seller, and for a good reason.

Only the most reliable stores win the privilege of adding this sought-after box to their stores. However, it’s a massive perk and basically, a guarantee that consumers purchase your product without hesitating once they click on it. Now, we’re going to show you how you can take advantage of this program and make it a part of your business.

How Does the Amazon Buy Box Program Work?

The primary goal at Amazon is for consumers to have a seamless, hassle-free experience. This is the basis behind their Buy Box formula and the primary reason for its deployment.

Only the most trusted stores are rewarded with the ability to display the Buy Box. How does Amazon dictate which sellers are worthy of accessing this top-tier Amazon perk? It’s actually a pretty intricate process that breaks down different factors.

Seller Status

Only Professional Sellers are eligible for the Buy Box. The good news is that anybody can become a Pro Seller if you’re willing to pay the additional monthly fee.


Only new products are eligible for winning the Buy Box, meaning all of your used products are automatically disqualified. This is just a simple way for Amazon to guarantee customers any product they receive using the Buy Box is brand-new and in top condition.


The performance metrics regarding the specific item in question are examined. It’s essential that your refunds, cancellation rates, and late shipments are kept to a minimum.

Inventory Status

The algorithm for the Buy Box examines the product’s inventory. It’s critical that you always have a fair amount of the product on hand and don’t sell out.

Product Pricing

The cost of your item should be fair after it’s all said and done. After the total cost with shipping and tax is calculated, it must be competitive compared to similar brands or sellers. SmartScout can help you check the prices of every seller that pushes a specific product, helping you optimize your cost to stay competitive while remaining profitable and winning a Buy Box opportunity.

Fulfillment Options

Your fulfillment options go a long way in considering whether you’re eligible for the Buy Box. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will net you the greatest chances, as this provides you with a perfect score.


You must offer options for fast shipping. Shoppers are most satisfied when they have options for quick, reliable delivery.


Order defects hurt your chances for Buy Box eligibility. You must have less than a one percent score after factoring in your long and short-term order defects.


Your feedback from the last year is examined, looking for things such as whether you’re established as a seller or have many positive reviews.

Amazon Categories and the Buy Box Rotation

Unfortunately, you don’t keep the Buy Box forever once you’re awarded eligibility. The Amazon Buy Box rotates between the top Amazon sellers in your category.

So, how does Amazon decide who gets the Buy Box next, and how long does it last?

There is no concrete amount of time for how long any Amazon seller keeps the Buy Box. However, periods have been for as little as 24-hours.

As far as what dictates who receives the Buy Box, it comes down to two different algorithms. The first is overall performance. The better you perform overall; the higher your odds are of keeping the Buy Box.

The second is the price-based algorithm. This is solely based on the item’s total price and often leads sellers into bidding wars. Regardless of which algorithm is used, the situation significantly benefits the customer, which is what Amazon’s overall goal was from the beginning.

Using SmartScout to Win the Amazon Buy Box

The algorithm for the Amazon Buy Box is complex and runs 24-hours per day. This means that you constantly must be at work to keep your business optimized to win.

This is where SmartScout shines. SmartScout can help you win your bid for the Buy Box, and optimize your store overall, giving you the best odds for achieving an incredibly profitable Amazon store.

We understand how difficult life is when you’re juggling your fledgling online business, a home life, and a possible full-time career. SmartScout can help you optimize your Amazon store to boost your profits and do most of the heavy lifting for you!

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