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The Top 7 UPC Scanners for Amazon Sellers

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As an Amazon Wholesale seller, efficiently managing your inventory and sourcing products is crucial for success. Utilizing UPC scanners can significantly streamline this process, allowing you to quickly and accurately access product information.

Here are the top 7 UPC scanners for Amazon Wholesale sellers.

SmartScout UPC Scanner

SmartScout UPC Scanner

SmartScout takes the top spot on our list of UPC scanners for Wholesale sellers. It provides comprehensive product data and analysis to empower sellers in making informed decisions. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, SmartScout makes it easy to navigate through Amazon's vast product database and find profitable opportunities. is another powerful tool for Amazon sellers, offering a robust UPC scanner for analyzing products and their market potential. It provides in-depth data and insights, enabling sellers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their product selection and pricing strategies.


ScanPower is a versatile solution for Amazon sellers, offering a range of tools including a powerful UPC scanner. It allows sellers to scan product barcodes and gain insights into sales history, Amazon fees, and more. With its comprehensive features, ScanPower assists sellers in optimizing their sourcing and pricing strategies.

Wholesale Inspector

Wholesale Inspector is a valuable UPC scanner that specializes in sourcing products for Amazon sellers. It enables quick and efficient scanning of UPC codes to evaluate product potential, estimated sales, and competition levels. This tool aids sellers in identifying profitable products for their Amazon business.


SyncCentric offers a comprehensive solution for Amazon sellers, including an effective UPC scanner. It allows for efficient scanning and analysis of UPC codes to gather vital product data. With its integration capabilities and insightful metrics, SyncCentric assists sellers in sourcing and managing their inventory effectively.

Scan Unlimited

Scan Unlimited is a valuable UPC scanner that Amazon sellers can rely on for accurate and swift product research. It allows for quick scanning of UPC codes, providing essential information such as product rank, sales estimates, and competition analysis. This tool helps sellers identify lucrative products to add to their inventory.

Daily Source Tools

Daily Source Tools is a reliable UPC scanner that provides Amazon sellers with the necessary data to make informed decisions. It offers features such as product analysis, sales rank tracking, and historical price data. Utilizing Daily Source Tools helps sellers stay competitive in the Amazon marketplace.

Final Thoughts

These top 7 UPC scanners offer Amazon sellers valuable insights into product data, competition analysis, and market trends.

Whether you're a new seller or an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur, leveraging these tools can significantly enhance your efficiency and profitability on the Amazon platform. Choose the one that best aligns with your business needs and strategies to optimize your Amazon selling experience.

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