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The 5 Best SmartScout Tools for Amazon Wholesale Sellers

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What makes SmartScout one of the best software for Amazon selling?

Read on as we highlight its unique features and discover five of the best SmartScout tools for wholesale sellers.

One of these tools actually helped Scott Needham, SmartScout’s CEO, scale his Amazon wholesale business to over $50 million in revenue.

(And it took him nine years to publicly share it)

Let’s get started.


Find hundreds of the best brands with the lowest competition for your Amazon wholesale business with SmartScout's Brands tool.

It is the only tool that can show you all the brands across multiple Amazon marketplaces on one page.

It also gives you in-depth information for each brand, featuring 19 data points (which can also act as filters) to make your product hunting easier.

For example, one of these data filters can help you avoid competing against Amazon retail — the Amazon In Stock Rate.

Pro Tip: Set the Amazon In Stock Rate to 15% maximum to avoid competing with Amazon. 

Another useful data point is the Dominant Seller.

Dominant Seller detects brands with sellers that generate 60% or more of the total brand revenue. It isn’t easy to outmatch these sellers, so eliminate the brands they dominate from your list.

To remove dominant sellers, click “Dominant Seller,” then select “Blanks.” The Brands tool will automatically cleanse your list.

Use the 19 data filters to purify your list further and explore only the brands that match your metrics.

Overall, Brands is an excellent tool to harvest wholesale opportunities without spending hours, if not days, searching online. 

UPC Scanner

UPC Scanner is a wholesaler’s gold mine,” according to Scott. And rightfully so.

With this tool, you can easily and quickly scan hundreds or thousands of products in a few minutes and spot which ones can give you the highest ROI.

No more calculating of profitability one by one, wielding this tool gives you almost an unfair advantage against your competition.

Here’s how it works:

First, import your UPC list. Just drag a file from your pc to the UPC Scanner.

After importing your list, click “Scan products” and wait a few seconds to complete the scan.

Next, click “view results,” and you’ll see all the fees and net profits for each product on your list. You can then start hunting for products with the highest profit margins to add to your wholesale business.

Seller Search

Find successful sellers and reverse-engineer their strategies.

With SmartScout's Seller Search, you can study the secret strategies of Amazon’s top sellers and adopt their best practices to succeed in your Amazon wholesale venture.

This tool gives you a list of every Amazon seller in any marketplace and lets you focus on the ones you want to set as your role models.

How does this tool work?

Let’s say you want to build an Amazon business that generates around one million dollars in revenue.

First, go to the Seller Search tool and click the “search” button. 

Set the “monthly revenue” range to 70,000 minimum and 100,000 maximum.

As you can see, the list went down to 13,999 sellers.

Next, to determine which among the sellers are wholesalers, set your minimum “number of brands” to three.

(Brands with less than three sellers are usually sold by private label sellers.)

Now your list narrows down to 3,586.

Keep adding filters to refine your list until you have a few brands left at your fingertips.

Once you’re done setting your filters and want to start hunting for potential wholesale brands, choose a brand and click the “magnifying glass” icon next to it and then “Brand Coverage.”

And you’ll see three important data:

  • Brands the seller is selling
  • Each brand’s revenue estimate
  • Brand percentage estimate

Filter the list to match your criteria and add the remaining brands to your wholesale opportunities folder. 

Rinse and repeat this process to collect at least a hundred brands. Then start digging deeper into your collections to unearth your winning product.

Traffic Graph

Generate ideas for bundle opportunities with Traffic Graph.

When you run a product keyword or its ASIN on the Traffic Graph tool, you will see a constellation of products connected by colored arrows.

Let’s say your product is keto chocolate.

First, enter your product keyword or its ASIN on the search bar, then click “Search.”

And you will see this:


Purple arrows link your product to the traffic sources, while gold arrows point to where the traffic goes next.

Knowing what items your customers have viewed before and after visiting your product page can spark unique product combinations for new and creative bundling opportunities.

But if you want to unleash the full potential of Traffic Graph, click your product, and you will be transported to a page where you can see in-depth product details, traffic sources, and more.  

Here’s what the different pages can offer you:

  • Details - Gives you a detailed product summary, monthly revenue estimate, and buy box percentage.
  • Traffic Sources - Shows you which products your customers have viewed before visiting your product page.
  • Variations - Displays other versions of your product. 
  • History - Presents three historical graphs: Price, Sales Rank, and Reviews & Offers.

  • Search Terms - Compiles phrases that people use to search for the product. 

Bottom line: Traffic Graph is a great tool to generate ideas for creative bundles.

Sales Estimator

Find out a category estimated sales per month.

This is a straightforward (yet valuable) tool. And it’s also so easy to use.

Select the product’s category and enter the product's Best Seller Rank (BSR). Then, the Sales Estimator will give you the category estimated sales.

For example, here’s the estimated monthly sales for Grocery & Gourmet Food

Because the result is just an estimate, the actual number can be higher or lower than the value the tool shows you.

Still, it tells you the estimated sales per month of your chosen category.

Final Thoughts

These are the five best SmartScout tools for wholesale sellers. 

  • Brands - Find brands with low competition for your wholesale business
  • UPC Scanner - Scan thousands of products in a few minutes and see which ones can give you the highest ROI
  • Seller Search - Study successful sellers and emulate their best practices
  • Traffic Graph - Assemble creative bundles by understanding customer behavior
  • Sales Estimator - Determine the estimated sales per month of a category

But that’s not all.

There are many more unique features and tools that SmartScout can offer you.

This article scratches only the surface by showcasing some of SmartScout’s abilities to help you scale your business.

Start your SmartScout free trial today or book a demo with a SmartScout team member.

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