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Quartile vs. Teikametrics: Which One is Best for You?

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If you’re running multiple campaigns and want to scale your Amazon business, using a PPC automation tool is a must.

This is because monitoring your keywords across all ad groups and campaigns by yourself could burn your time away from doing things you value the most, like growing your business or spending precious hours with your family.

Thankfully, there are dozens of PPC automation software that can help you, such as Quartile and Teikametrics.

Quartile and Teikametrics both can help you eliminate the daunting manual task of managing your ad campaigns.

But which of the two best meets your needs? We’ll explore this question in this post.


The Quartile PPC Tool is designed to help sellers maximize their return on investment (ROI) by optimizing their advertising spend and increasing their sales on Amazon. 

Quartile analyzes your advertising campaigns and provides insights to boost their performance at a keyword and product level.

Boasting six patented advanced technologies, Quartile helps improve eCommerce advertising across different channels. These include:

  • Google Ads
  • Amazon 
  • Amazon DSP
  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Instacart

All you need to do is set up your optimization targets and Quartile will build, maintain, and optimize campaigns for you.

Quartile Features

Automated Ads Management:
Quartile automatically adjusts cost per click, budget, placement, and campaign bids based on hourly data directly from Amazon. This helps reduce wasted ad spend, reducing ACoS, and boosting sales.

Unified campaign reporting: See all your advertising channels’ performance at a glance with Quartile’s real-time custom reports. This report can show you which campaigns bring you the most profits, helping unlock insights for higher ROI.

Intelligent Budget Allocation: Set your budget to your best-performing channels, products, and keywords, and Quartile will do the rest to bring you higher returns.

Amazon attribution integration: Create a full-funnel strategy to boost sales with Amazon attribution integration that puts Facebook, Instagram, and Google engagement metrics alongside Amazon conversion.

Keyword Analysis: The Quartile PPC Tool analyzes the seller's keywords and recommends which keywords to target or exclude. The tool also suggests bid adjustments based on the performance of each keyword.

Pricing: Quartile's pricing varies from seller to seller. It doesn't disclose how much it charges. You must request a demo to discover its customized rate for your Amazon PPC needs.

What makes Quartile unique?

Aside from its ability to manage paid ads across multiple channels, Quartile can find keywords at the SKU level and adjust bids and placement in real time.

Quartile Cons

If not monitored carefully, you can overspend on specific keywords or placements that don't deliver the desired performance metrics. For example, Quartile doesn't automatically negate keywords that were not profitable, and this leads to wasteful spending and lower ROI.


Teikametrics is a data-driven software that helps sellers optimize their advertising campaigns, pricing strategies, and inventory management on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Its proprietary AI technology, Flywheel 2.0, can help you make the most of every dollar you spend on advertising.

It collects and interprets data every hour, finds ways to boost ad performance (like identifying and targeting high-performing keywords), optimizes bids, and adjusts ad spend.

Overall, Teikametrics helps sellers automate and optimize their online sales strategies, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses and achieving their goals.

Teikametrics Features

Automated Campaign Creation:
Teikametrics can help you create campaigns in minutes with four steps.

  1. Select products you want to include in a campaign
  2. Set campaign goals for each product
  3. Enter brand and competitor terms
  4. Review and edit

After going through the four steps above, Teikametrics will create campaigns for you using historical data and market insights to assemble and arrange products, keywords, and groups.

Hourly Bidding:
Launched in December 2022, this new feature helps sellers take advantage of the hourly metrics from Amazon — total impressions, clicks, cost per click, and more - to become more efficient and reduce wasted ad spend.

It means Flywheel 2.0 adjusts your bids every hour to boost your conversion rate. The result? Improved return on ads spent and quick adjustment to customer behavior.

Automated Keyword Targeting
: With this feature, you can now automate when a specific keyword should be added to a manual campaign. It uses market and product data (ACOS, conversion volume, and click volume) to automatically add and negate keywords, so you can save time and improve your ad performance.

Product Attribute Targeting: Boost sales while protecting your brand on amazon with Teikametrics’ Product Attribute Targeting (PAT). This feature helps you advertise your ads against your target products and brands.

Let’s say you want your product to appear whenever someone searches for a product from the brand “LuxClub” with a 4-star review rating.

Whenever you create a Sponsored Ad campaign against that brand, your products can show up wherever a shopper searches for products with 4-star reviews.

Your PAT ads can show up anywhere a Sponsored Product ad can. These include:

  • Search Results
  • Product Details
  • Add-To-Cart
  • Check Out
  • Thank You

This feature helps you redirect your competitors’ traffic to your site and steal their sales and also defend your market share by advertising complementary products to some of your high-performing ones.

Pricing: Teikametrics is free for sellers making under $10,000 monthly. Then it charges 3 percent of your monthly ad spend after going past $10,000 in monthly sales. You need to pay more to access its more advanced features: $1,950 for standard and $5,500 for premium.

Teikametrics Cons

The Flywheel software can sometimes be complicated, and the onboarding process needs improvement. Understanding and learning how to use the tool also takes time, so a few guides with clear and straightforward explanations would greatly help.

Which One Is Best for You?

Teikametrics is best for you if you have 13 or more products to manage your PPC and want to cut down your ACoS, while Quartile is best for you if you have an established multi-marketplace brand and are spending at least $5,ooo in ads per month.

Overall, these tools are not intended for beginner sellers. Aside from the fact that the data you get can be difficult to understand, both PPC automation tools can be expensive.

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