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Best Enterprise Amazon PPC Advertising Software Tools

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This is a deep dive into a comparison of the Best Enterprise Amazon PPC Advertising Software Tools (Skai, Pacvue, Quartile, Perpetua, and Feedvisor) — highlighting their pricing and key features to help you make an informed decision for your business.

These tools are perfect for large Amazon sellers and brands that are looking to get the most out of their Amazon Advertising. If you are looking for alternatives, let’s give you some texture, so you'll have more confidence on your purchase.

Editor’s opinion: I have used and paid for many types of Amazon Advertising Software. They do things very differently, but the goal is the same. There are some preferences that I have, but the same results can be achieved from any of these. It might all come down to your taste.

Do you want to actively manage? Or do you want a set it and forget it? Do you want AI focused? Or do you want customization and control?

So here’s a quick picture.

Enterprise Amazon PPC Advertising Software Tools

From this, you can see that Pacvue comes out with the most stars. That’s my opinion after seeing them in action. But I have a soft spot for Perpetua. Its setup is by far the easiest. Let’s dive into each of them. My software tool, SmartScout, is a full picture analytics tool that lets you see estimate revenues and advertising spend across your competitors. We don’t optimize your ads, but we do help you understand the impact of advertising. 


Enterprise Amazon PPC Advertising Software Tools

A very robust platform. This is clear since Skai came from the Google and Facebook advertising space. It has campaign and budgeting that the other tools don’t have. You can make sure you use and pace your budget quite well. The customization is the best I’ve seen. I wouldn’t be surprised what it cooks up next as it has been building tools like this for years.

The negatives I’d say is that it isn’t an Amazon first platform. It took them a bit longer to develop new features that I was hoping to take advantage of. It didn’t find new keyword opportunities to advertise on as well as its competitors.


Enterprise Amazon PPC Advertising Software Tools

I only hear positive things about Pacvue. It has a lot of fans and only a few detractors. It can help you understand and stay ahead of your competition with its robust reporting and customization that helps you feel in control.

I prefer Amazon-first platforms, but Pacvue is starting to focus on other marketplaces such as Instacart and Walmart, which does not make them an Amazon-first solution.


Enterprise Amazon PPC Advertising Software Tools

Quartile is AI first. It has a unique campaign structure that lets it target keywords in a way no other tool can do. It is an Amazon-first platform, and it shows. It has Thrasio, the largest Amazon Aggregator, saying how great it is. That’s a good company to be in.

With campaigns and adGroups created for each SKU separately, you can end up with an extremely large set of campaigns in your seller central. This may be a very challenging company to part with because of that. So do your research, and if Quartile is your pick, go all in and never look back. 


Enterprise Amazon PPC Advertising Software Tools

Super simple setup. Perpetua helps gives you goal-driven metrics to drive your campaigns. The campaign setup is intuitive and actually teaches you to be a better advertiser. It naturally splits up your campaigns by the type of goal you’re trying to accomplish. The UI is clean, but sometimes I find it non-responsive. Perpetua is very quick to adopt new Amazon Advertising features such as Amazon DSP and Marketing Stream, which allows for day parting of ads.

Great school and education that helps you be a sharp advertiser. It was recently acquired for over $100 million, which goes to show it is doing a lot of things right.

I have had years of experience with Perpetua and can definitely recommend using its tool. Because of the way it creates your campaigns, it sometimes can be a bit of a challenge to wield them in ways that you want if you know exactly what you want to be spending on.


Enterprise Amazon PPC Advertising Software Tools

Feedvisor is another great set-it-and-forget-it solution. It does so with more AI focus than Perpetua. It takes the wheel from you and makes you hope that it doesn’t fall asleep. That’s not likely as Feedvisor has been around for a while and even built one of the most robust repricers that never fall asleep. That makes the engineering quite solid behind FeedVisor. Its Keyword Harvesting is the best in class and that can make this a great growth engine for your business.

If you want customization, Feedvisor will not work for you. You do things the Feedvisor's way more than any other tool.

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