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Pacvue vs. Perpetua - Which PPC Bid Management Tool is Best for You?

Choosing the best PPC bidding management software is an incredibly important decision to advertise your Amazon business. Without a doubt, Pacvue and Perpetua are two of the biggest players in the ad optimization industry both providing a wide suite of tools for their users. As these tools fight for top spots, they are constantly releasing new, valuable features to improve customer experience for the online shoppers.

The idea behind this software is to optimize and automate bidding strategy for PPC advertising. The tedious process of manually optimizing campaigns is quite labor-intensive, especially if you have more than 30 campaigns running at one time! These tools want to eliminate this time-consuming area to advertise your business with automation so you can focus on more important things.

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Pacvue Pros - Features and Benefits

What is Pacvue? It is a complete software solution service for eCommerce businesses featuring integrations on several popular platforms including Amazon (1P/3P/DSP), Walmart, Instacart, eBay, Citrus, and Criteo. Pacvue enables brands and agencies to audit their current PPC strategies, create a wide-variety of targeting rule-sets, discover valuable insights of their competitors, automate budgets, utilize AI-based bidding strategies and much more.

Pacvue pros include: Optimization, Budget Manager, Educational Support, Share of Voice, Dayparting

Rule-Based Optimization or AI-based

Pacue has two main approaches to automating PPC bids and budgets. User can create their own unique, goal-oriented target for bid optimization. The user can create optimization rules that target certain set requirements such as ROAS, ACoS, CVR and more. You can also implement keyword harvesting rules that automatically add keywords mined from your manual campaigns to your automatic campaigns. Pacvue also has AI-based campaign optimization powered by simply choosing your target ROAS or ACoS, allowing the bids to adjust based off of those set targets.

Day Parting 

Pacvue’s dayparting tool allows the user to increase or decrease bids on an hourly level. The user can automatically decrease bids during low traffic hours and increase during high traffic hours or during the holiday season. This feature allows brands and agencies to advertise with a granular level of control to make the most of their bidding strategy.

Paid and Organic Share of Voice

The Share of Voice Feature collects valuable competitor information based on specifically tracked keywords set by the user. Simply choose several keywords to monitor and Pacvue will collect information on which brands are in the top featured spots of those keywords. You can easily see who the major players are for certain keywords by viewing their share of paid and organic placement.

Budget Manager

Pacvue’s Budget Manager is particularly helpful for brands and agencies who are given set PPC budgets for the year. The user can upload their monthly budget caps for the entire fiscal year. When a budget is reached, the budget manager will automatically pause campaigns until the budget refreshes the following month eliminating the worries of overspending to advertise on PPC.

Educational Support

Pacvue continually adds educational content to its platform including an entire “Pacvue University” helping its users become expert marketers of the tool’s many features. The user is also given a Customer Success Manager who hosts several initial educational sessions to successfully understand foundational elements of Pacvue.

Pacvue Pricing Structure

Pacvue is priced at a minimum of $500 per month or a maximum of 3 percent of monthly ad spend. While Pacvue does not currently offer a free trial, it does host free one-on-one demos to better manage the tool.

Pacvue Cons 

The only probable con that stands out to us is that the tool is very robust, which can cause initial confusion for the user to decide between the many features. However, the strong educational support system service has helped users become more successful in mastering the program.

Perpetua Pros - Features and Benefits

What is Perpetua? Perpetua is a single platform set to manage your brand or agency’s cross-retailer eCommerce advertising campaigns across Amazon (1P/3P/DSP), Walmart, Instacart and Target. You can easily measure the production of your advertising spend across multiple channels and marketplaces. With a friendly UI, Perpetua strives to make an easy-to-use tool to maximize advertising efforts that create sales.

Perpetua's pros include: Sponsored Brand Features, Search Rank Tracking, Easy-to-Use, Keyword Boosts, Competitor Tracking

Easy-to-Use Campaign Creation

Perpetua uses the last 60 days of data from Amazon to develop campaigns. The user can use this intelligence to create goal-oriented campaigns right within Perpetua’s platform towards a target ACoS, ROAS and more. The simple user interface allows for less complex campaign creation for the user marketers.

Competitor Keyword Tracking

Within campaign creation, Perpetua will allow the user to manually add competing brand names to your campaigns. Perpetua will automatically pull these targeted words into the user’s campaigns and also create negative keyword matches to further optimize your pre-existing campaigns. Perpetua shows visual representation of how the campaigns are performing, which can be helpful from a reporting standpoint. 

Keyword Boosts

Most brands have particular keywords they want to win on nearly every single time. By adding keywords to Perpetua’s keyword boosting tool, the user increases the likelihood that they will appear in the top performing spots for these words on Amazon. Perpetua will allocate more of your set budget towards these keywords to boost your product’s performance. 

Search Rank Tracking

Perpetua allows users to track any keywords by adding the words of their choice to the Search Rank Tracker. The user will quickly be able to see the keywords’ individual spend, the movement in organic position, and the movement of the share of voice with other competitors. This feature can be incredibly helpful for agencies to report on their efforts towards keyword ranking.

Sponsored Brand Features

Perpetua allows users to create Product Collections of graphics for its brands. These collections can then be uploaded for Sponsored Brand Ads. As an added bonus, Pepertua offers metrics to bring in Amazon DSP. 


Now to answer the question we all want to know… How much does it cost? Perpetua is priced at a minimum of $250/month or a maximum of $500/month + a percentage of Adspend. It offers a wide variety of pricing structures based on your company’s needs. Unfortunately, they also do not offer a free trial, but you can schedule a demo consultation. 

Perpetua Cons

Perpetua’s tool is rather high-level in comparison to Pacvue. It does not offer many opportunities for granular management into your PPC metrics. Additionally, its support team is only available during business hours. 

Which Should I Choose?

Which PPC Bid Management Tool is Best for You? Pacvue or Perpetua?

Ultimately, the decision is yours as to which bid management tool is best powered to advertise for your business. However, based on the insights above, Pacvue appears to be best suited for advertising professionals who want to have high-level or microscopic control to manage their PPC strategy; while Perpetua is best suited for high level, “set it and forget it” strategies.

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