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Amazon Analytics Software Comparison

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Estimating brand revenue and performance on the Amazon marketplace is important for Amazon sellers and marketing professionals. But with a multitude of options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which solution is the best fit for your needs.

I have spent years building and researching this industry. My name is Scott Needham and I founded SmartScout to be an approachable platform for all sizes of sellers and brands.

What you will notice is SmartScout is less expensive and you don't need to talk to anyone to jump into the tool.

List of the Top Analytics Tools


Helium 10 Acquired for $25m+

Jungle Scout Raised $110m

Analytic Index Investment from Edge by Ascential

Stackline Raised $130m

Edge by Ascential Acquired for $44m

Profitero Acquired for $200m

Sellers vs Brands

What does this column mean?

A seller and a brand are two different things on Amazon. Some brands have a bunch of Amazon sellers while some sellers are on multiple brands.

This column is about whether they distinguish between the two in their data.

The $100M Tools Market

These tools have improved considerably over the recent years as Amazon has grown to be the largest marketplace in the world. Brands of all sizes are hungry for competitor research data in order to make strategic decisions and see investment opportunities. While I have done demos or looked under the hood of each of these, I won’t make any opinions here as if you look at the domain that this article is published under, the bias will be strong. So I’ll highlight what I think is notable and praiseworthy for each of these and let you make the decision.

To my knowledge, these tools are creating estimates based on sales rank. Things get a bit complicated with variations or products without any sales rank. If you want to read further on Amazon’s reliability of sales data.


SmartScout Brands

If you want to feel like you have the entire Amazon catalog in your hands at once, that's where SmartScout shines. The filtering and categorization feature is fast and flexible. Everything is immediately available with the searches taking at most 10 seconds to return historic analytics. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can jump in right now without any waiting or sales calls. There’s a free trial and modest plans available for all types of brands and sellers. 

We have many of the top Amazon sellers trusting SmartScout. Pattern, Thrasio, Spreetail, and thousands of others.

Analytic Index

Analytic Index

A newer tool that provides a comprehensive view of categories by combining paid and organic search analytics. It has seen significant advancements in the last two years and is expanding its reach to multiple marketplaces, not just Amazon.

Momentum Commerce

Very strong visualizations. Some of them are free to users. The previous tools (including SmartScout) are quite similar to each other in function. Momentum Commerce’s currently available tools are in a class of their own as they show brand positioning in unique ways. In particular, the Prime Day search results are an example of that.



Stackline is the gold standard of UI for this category. The charts are easy to understand and I have heard of the accuracy of the data more regarding Stackline than any other tool. While my evidence is anecdotal, I talk to a lot of users of these tools every day and they feel it’s the most accurate.

Edge by Ascential

Edge by Ascential

The UI isn’t innovative and the pricing will push most people away. It is one of the older tools in this space and has had success with large brands such as Kellogg's and Samsung.


Profitero Analytics Software

Profitero focuses primarily on 1P (Vendor Central). You have to connect your vendor central account to have access. It layers in forecasting and profitability (hence the name) on top of its analytics. For serious Vendors, it is definitely worth looking into.

Helium 10 Market Tracker 360

Market Tracker 360

Launched in the Fall of 2022, this is the newest of the bunch and for that has the smallest set of features for brand analytics. That said it has exactly what you need in this type of tool. Category and market share estimates in a visually compelling UI. Helium 10 has always prioritized keyword optimization, so it’s natural to bring that into your research and the next steps of utilizing this tool.

Jungle Scout Cobalt

Jungle Scout Cobalt

Jungle Scout has prioritized their enterprise offering in recent years. The UI is very good and the share of voice might be the best I’ve seen in its simplicity + reporting. It does take a bit longer to use as their tech requires you to build a market before you can dive into it and get revenue estimates. You are limited in the number of markets you can track.

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