What US States sell the most on Amazon?

Top states for selling in the US

The e-commerce landscape is witnessing a significant shift as an increasing number of Amazon sellers start their own businesses. This trend reflects the immense potential and accessibility that platforms like Amazon offer to entrepreneurs globally. Remarkably, over 60,000 sellers on Amazon are now achieving an impressive milestone of over $1 million a year in revenue. This statistic is not just a testament to the thriving nature of online marketplaces but also highlights the entrepreneurial spirit fostered in this digital age. These businesses range from small, home-based operations to larger enterprises, offering diverse products and services. This surge in successful Amazon-based businesses is reshaping how people think about entrepreneurship, retail, and the possibilities within the digital economy.

So, which states are leading the way?

The realm of Amazon selling offers options for entrepreneurs their e-commerce journey, each with its unique strategies and opportunities for success. Two prominent methods have emerged as particularly effective: launching private label brands and engaging in the resale of popular name brands such as Nike or Lego.

Private label sellers create their own brand and product line, offering them control over product development, branding, and marketing. This approach is favored for its potential to build a distinct brand identity and customer loyalty.

On the other hand, arbitrage involves purchasing products from other brands at lower prices and reselling them on Amazon at a profit. This method is attractive for its lower entry barriers and the ability to leverage the recognition of existing brands.

Interestingly, there's a geographical trend observed in these strategies, with some states showing a preference or leaning more toward one method over the other. This regional variation adds an intriguing layer to the dynamics of Amazon selling, reflecting how local market conditions and entrepreneurial cultures influence the choice of business models.

What is Seller Density?

Seller Density is sellers per capita. States with high seller density have more of the population looking to the Amazon marketplace as a place to start their business or even have a side hustle.

Top states for resellers.

The Top States for Private Label

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