What States Fully Embrace Amazon?

The SmartScout team has done a full analysis of seller data and we have teased out some interesting facts that will help us understand the ecosystem.

By looking at the offers of Amazon sellers we can learn a lot about what’s going on, and we have an industry leading way of organizing seller data. Let’s dive in!

Let’s see which states are the most successful on Amazon.

In terms of revenue per capita, no one beats the New Jersey/New York area. This section of the United States is hyper focused on e-commerce and Amazon sales.

Brooklyn has long been known for success in Amazon and it looks like that energy has spread. The largest distributors in the nation have footholds here and it looks like the local sellers take advantage of that.

Revenue per capita

Darker states have a higher per capita revenue

Seller Data per State

Next on the list are a few surprises. Utah comes in hot, led by Pattern (seller name iServe). This company accounts for over $300m in revenue alone. But that’s not the only way this state stands out.

They also are 3rd in seller density. SmartScout’s HQ is based out of Utah so there’s a strong editorial slant to talk about our home state’s economic prowess.

California is an economy of its own on Amazon. With over $1b in revenue from Amazon sellers, this state performs well in every category.

As the closest and largest port to China, many sellers across the nation use this state's resources to get their goods into Amazon warehouses. Most of these sellers still have their HQ outside of the state but it’s worth mentioning that California is an integral part of the Amazon ecosystem.

States by Dominant Category

Although we are in the United States, we are hardly united when it comes to the Amazon marketplace.

At the time of this writing, the five largest states are primarily in Health & Household but after that it’s all over the place.

Including Puerto Rico and DC, there are 28 states where the highest representing category among Amazon sellers is Toys & Games. Followed by 13 states in Healthy & Household, 6 states in grocery, 2 states for both Books and Beauty and finally North Dakota’s majority is Sports and Outdoors.

Primary Category State

This suggests that there are trends in certain states and it could be related to local dynamics.

What are your local dynamics? Take a look at the Seller Map

See Seller Map

Seller Density

(Residents per Seller)

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