Suspended Sellers Report

SmartScout makes regular scans on sellers storefronts to find all the suspended seller accounts on any given day. This is an updated report on them with estimated revenue and other seller characteristics tracked inside SmartScout.

Wait. All these sellers are suspended?!?

Amazon deactivates selling accounts each and every day. This is part of the company’s risk management activities, which are designed to protect both buyers and sellers on the Amazon platform. There is a good side and a bad side to suspensions.

The Good

Yes, there are bad actors on Amazon. Some sellers never ship out orders. Others break Amazon’s rules – and the law – with actions like fake reviews or attacking other sellers. Fraudsters should – and do – get kicked off of Amazon. Seller Performance will give second chances, but the seller’s appeal better be professional, with the right attitude and fixes.

The Bad

Some good sellers unknowingly or accidentally break the rules. These sellers have a good chance of getting reinstated – if they fix their processes. It takes a solid Plan of Action and the will to not let the problems happen again.

The Ugly

At times, Amazon flat-out suspends the wrong sellers. False positives, technology fails, Black Hat attacks and human error can take down high-quality accounts. Unfortunately, these can be some of the hardest appeals to win, since Amazon doesn’t like to admit its errors.

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