Amazon Subcategory Product Leaders

Ever wonder how competitive a category can be?
In the past year we’ve been building unique data sets that tell stories about Amazon products. We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite insights.
The following charts show over the course of 2021 how the category leaders fought for the top positions. The lower sales rank means its selling more products. It's a race to #1!
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What you’re seeing is the overall category rank in several of our favorite subcategories

Over the course of a year we tracked the rank of these top performing products and put them together in a racing bar chart. The closer to rank #1, the more sales the product achieves on Amazon. Category knowledge is key and working with people with expertise can work. An example would be Envision Horizons and their knowledge of Health and Beauty Brands.

Is your Amazon PPC campaign losing the war image
1. Assess your position

Sometimes a product is so dominant that it stays in its position all year.

2. Spy on competitors

You’ll see other’s bounce in and out of popularity. It certainly could be stock outs or some strong promotions that create this sort of behavior

3. Advance your campaign

We think it’s very important to study all data points when understanding your products' Amazon position.

What else can be learned from this?

We want you to be able to figure that out. That’s why SmartScout gives more granular data than any other tool out there.

Pillow and Duvet

Advertising on Amazon can feel like fighting a battle in the dark. But with AdSpy, you can see the whole battlefield by viewing any brand's paid search terms and seeing what percentages those terms are winning the sponsored positions.

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