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Amazon is one of the world’s largest marketplaces, with millions of direct employees and third party sellers, and millions more in related businesses. It can get overwhelming when thinking about all the different options to see where you can fit in, but the easiest option is to consider your relationship to brands.

Most companies just think in terms of products, but at SmartScout we focus on brands because that’s what builds long term value. Products can be copied, while brands are being snatched up by brand aggregators for millions of dollars.

So with that in mind:

Do you resell brands that you found at retail stores? You do arbitrage.

Do you resell brands that you purchased directly from manufacturers or wholesalers? You’re a retailer.

Do you start and grow your own brands? You’re a private labeller.

Do you offer services like fulfillment or marketing to any of those three sellers? You’re a service provider.

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If you’re not in the Amazon space, the question for you, then, is which of these paths sounds the most appealing? The higher up choices on this list usually require less effort with less reward, while further down requires more industry knowledge but higher returns.

SmartScout offers solutions to each of these groups, and we’ve added training specifically tailored to each. Have you had a chance to look through it yet? We intentionally keep it available to anyone, subscribers or not, so they can have a better idea of how we can help them.

Make sure to check out our new guides and let us know what you think.

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