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On top of creating SmartScout,  I have to keep my Amazon game sharp as ever. This can help me build better tools and also more importantly, helps me run two Amazon FBA businesses. I run into similar problems that many of you have. How to rank better on my private label products, how to find profitable brands for wholesale or what’s the inner workings of Amazon SEO.

I interview experts every week across the spectrum. I’d like to share with you my favorite sources of information as of late. Whether you’re a new seller or you just raised another billion dollars for buying businesses, you need to sharpen your skills.

My latest passion. Amazon SEO. What it means to build listings that will rank and index on thousands of search terms. I’m trying to grow my team and processes around it but before I can do that I have to learn from the best. Well, here’s the best.

Brandon Young's Data Dive

Brandon Young and his new tool Data Dive. It’s quite good. It uses Helium 10 (actually requires a subscription!) but it quickly compares your top competitors and finds gaps that you may have in your product. It’s quite important to know all the different types of search terms. I used it and I found for our top brand Bondic, that we weren’t even indexed on the search term “UV Resin”. That search term is more popular than any of the other search terms that we had been seeing 100 sales a day on. In other words, we found a gold mine.

Steven Pope

If you really want to understand the underpinnings of Amazon SEO. I found the series between Adbadger’s and Steven Pope to be incredible. It’s a four part series that I listened to twice! Here’s episode one. Ad Badger's Amazon SEO Guide Part 1: Getting Started [PPC Den Podcast #111]

Marketplace Pulse

Now if you want to see a site that can out perform me in big data insights??? Well, the bar isn’t that high. It’s not low either. The leader here is MarketPlace Pulse. Their 2021 year in review is so chock full of data and insights that you’ll be shocked on how they’re able to amass so much data in one place.


If you want a professional newsletter. I can recommend What Did Amazon Do this Week. It’s concise and broad. Many insights that affect sellers and Amazon’s Retail division. It reminds you how big Amazon is and the wide range of businesses that they’re moving into.

A Sellers newsletter that is full of very specific changes to Amazon’s seller support is ASGTG. If you want help with account health or you want to become a professional at working with the seller support beast, than you’d do well to subscribe.

Convert More Clicks Summit

While we’re on the subject of content. I’m speaking as one of many guests at the Convert More Clicks Summit. It’s $7. I know that the segment I gave will easily generate more than that in increased revenue for your business. Cheers!

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