Using BI to address your needs

There are over 2.5 million Amazon sellers. Most of those are using some type of business intelligence (BI) software, but how do you decide on the mix of services that will meet your needs?

Business Intelligence

Today, we have a presentation from Maya Harper at Seller Rocket with a framework you can use to choose which tools will help to address all your needs. She'll address:

  • What BI really means
  • Why BI is necessary for ecommerce success
  • What is the "Marketing Pyramid"?
  • How to address the different sections of the pyramid to grow your business

Learn all about it on the blog!

A little brief today...

This week we've been at Prosper, an Amazon seller conference in Las Vegas, where we had the chance to talk with hundreds of sellers and providers. Next week we'll give a debrief of what we saw and learned, and talk about whether it could be a worthwhile experience for you in the future.

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