Two free tools for Amazon sellers that are launched... Today!

Did you say Free?

My fingers are sore from coding so much. Michael, head of ideas has been pacing non stop chewing his nails, the interns have been up for the last 72 hours.


We're launching search term tools. Today.

Here's some of the free ones!

Keyword Detective takes a brand and you find competing brands and what search terms they are winning (or losing!).  FYI, these work better on a computer than on mobile.

Try it here!

Screenshot 2022-07-06 093521

Relevancy Quadrant takes a product and then finds the most relevant search terms and puts on a chart with search volume as the Y axis.

Try it here!

Screenshot 2022-07-06 093649

We will continue to innovate on the current landscape of tools making sure that you have an easier time building a success Amazon business. If you had a dream tool that we could build, what would it be??

Now for the rest of the news.

Second Prime Day?

Reports are that Amazon is going to have a second Prime-exclusive event. This looks very wise on their part. It's already one of the biggest internet events ever. Capture it with the holiday fever.

Chinese Gaming the Algorithm

A great article on how manufacturers are creating many brands of similar (the same!) products. This has an effect of crowding a search result and not allowing for unique offerings.

EU makes Prime easier to cancel

Prime is the lifeblood of Amazon. The EU wants it to be easy to cancel. These subscription services sure can be sketchy.

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Send and Replenish getting cut

On the 1st of September, Amazon is moving everyone over to "Send to Amazon". I have heard from many that are not happy about the new shipment workflow. It's particularly unfriendly to big sellers and there's no option currently for a flat file upload.

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