The New Way to Grow on Amazon

Out With the Old

What was your first type of software to help you on Amazon? For me, it was the chrome extensions that helped me see estimated revenues across thousands of products. This product research method transformed the way for new sellers to approach Amazon. Dozens of courses were built off the idea to do find profitable opportunities. Tens of thousands of sellers flocked to these helpful extensions and launched millions of products.

This way of launching on Amazon is outdated.

In order to succeed on Amazon, you have to disrupt a market. Just like Airbnb and Uber have disrupted their markets, your new product on Amazon has to have an edge.

You see an opportunity and you act. What's your edge? Better packaging? Better price? Better formula? Better product?


In With the New

Before you actually disrupt a market, you have to understand the market. Don't research products, research the market.  SmartScout was designed to solve this exact problem. An Amazon seller needs to think big picture so that when they are in the weeds, it is understood where you are headed. Never forget what the opportunity is and who the leaders are.  

How can you disrupt what you don't know? Our new Scope and Opportunity Matrix will help you feel like a wizard. They will impress the brand partners you're hoping to score a deal with. They will impress your investors. They help you succeed on Amazon in a new way. Data-driven decisions mixed with your expertise.


SmartScout's Opportunity Matrix


Who didn't show up to Prosper?

Who you didn't see at the Prosper Show had an impact as much as who made it. Profit Whales had paid for a booth but due to the war on Ukraine, they weren't able to attend. The recent world events have had a significant impact on me, just like they did on everyone else. We continue to be stunned how in this day and age such an aggressive action can happen. But here we are. Fortunately, I had a chance to connect with the CEO of Profit Whales, Vitalii, to discuss how life has changed for him and his company. The photo below is a striking reminder of a world disrupted.

The good news is that they are all safe and have relocated to areas that should continue to be safe.  Here's a link to our episode on this week's podcast. We spend the first half talking about their new normal and then what makes their Agency unique. Spoiler alert, they are full funnel and think much more about your off Amazon opportunities.

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