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Prime Day Secrets? Not here.

The best way to have a good prime day is similar to the best way to have a good Q4. Work all year long to put your products in the best selling position possible.

I get about five emails a day that say they have the 10 best hacks for prime day success.

If you want to be successful, you have to improve your brand and business all year round. Then you're there with an offer that is the most compelling. That's it.

Search Smarter,


Rank Tracker

I know we did a major release last week. The thing is, I didn't even share all of our releases. We've built a rank tracker. The main difference to our rank tracker is that you don't have to do anything other than put in the ASIN. We go ahead and show you all the search terms. All of them. All the time. No putting in your own list. Check it out.

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Design your own product with real engineers

In a recent podcast episode with Gembah. We dive into what it actually can look like if someone with expertise can jump into designing a unique product. Not just a white labeled product. Here's the episode.

Prime getting back into restaurants

Amazon releases a perk with Grubhub for Prime users. This is both creative and excellent for shoppers who have no intentions of cancelling. Ever.

Amazon Prime Growth Stalls

The top subscription platform Prime has stagnated recently. I guess they're running out of humans that like a good deal. It was bound to hit a ceiling at some point just like Netflix found it's ceiling.

31 Amazon seller hacks and strategies

We have invited our million dollar per month Amazon seller friends Shawn Hart and Seth Stevens to share 31 recently discovered secret Amazon seller strategies and hacks that can give you a massive boost right now.

Return Policy Change

From August 1, 2022, the Returns and Refunds policy information on all Amazon Seller Profile pages will be updated to clarify that buyers may return products in accordance with Amazon Return and Refund policies.

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