Testing a new tool for private labelers, and more subcategory insights

Testing a new tool: FBA Tier Calculator

We're currently testing a tool available to US Sellers. This tool is a great option for private labelers to see how touching up the size of your product and dropping into lower priced tiers will affect your margins. Let us know what you think!

FBA Calculator

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More tips from the subcategories tool

Last week we discussed the categories that have the smallest Amazon presence. What you’ll see as you dig into subcategories, however, is that Amazon may be involved in the category overall, but can have huge differences in the subcategories. Here’s an example: the five categories with the largest Amazon share of sales are

Books - 72% share of $1,400,000,000 monthly revenue

Video Games - 50% of $43,000,000

Baby products - 45% of $1,200,000,000

Appliances - 40% of $69,000,000

Pet Supplies - 36% of $1,000,000,000

But go deeper, and we can find the subcategories within each of those that have the smallest Amazon presence. Those subcategories are:

New, Used & Rental Textbooks - 17% share of $190,000 monthly revenue

Microconsoles  - <1% share of $336,000

Pregnancy & Maternity - 2% share of $25,000,000

Laundry Appliances - 9% share of $7,000,000

Reptiles & Amphibians - 5% share of $13,000,000

As you can see, even in categories dominated by Amazon, we can easily find smaller niches worth investigating.

Good luck with your research this week!

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