Suspended Sellers Report

SmartScout will now feature a page on our website devoted to recently suspended seller accounts.

suspended sellers

What did these sellers do? We don't know exactly, though there are a multitude of possible reasons. Hopefully, this will help you to see that if you've been suspended, there are lots of people just like you. Since the list of suspensions refreshes constantly, we don't want to write down anything definite on the webpage. It'll probably be wrong by the time you get there! So we'll just point out a couple general things here:

14 sellers have been suspended that do over a million dollars in revenue each month

Why does this matter? Amazon has been cracking down on bigger and bigger companies lately, so don't think that hitting a certain benchmark will provide protection for you; it may require you to be at a higher standard.

A disproportionate percentage are Chinese companies

Scroll down the list, and you'll see the initials "CN" quite a bit.  One accusation that we know comes against Chinese companies a lot is the practice of obtaining fake reviews. There is a long list of seller violations to obtaining reviews, beginning with the disappointing phrase "including, but not limited to". Come on Amazon, just tell us what we can't do! Check up on what is and isn't acceptable to make sure you don't run unnecessary risks.

You can be out of commission for a long time

As we said, our list only goes back a month - and none of those sellers from a month ago have been reactivated (you can tell by trying to click on the box icon).  There are unfortunately many sellers who don't know how to react when they are suspended. Don't delay! Find out exactly what Amazon thinks you've done wrong, and don't hesitate to reach out for help. The most important thing is to have a plan: Amazon wants to know that you have a plan to make sure you don't break the rules, intentionally or not, again.

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