Peloton + Amazon. A powerful combination.

Peloton begins selling on Amazon

Didn't see that coming.

It's hard to tell if this is a move of a struggling company or someone convinced the Covid phenom that launching on Amazon can increase your market share.

Could this be a growing trend of subscription services acquiring customers on Amazon?  Gabb Wireless is turning to Amazon with the help of BuyBoxer Services. You can afford to lose money up-front in order to get that sweet sweet subscription revenue.

Peloton is a premium product that's looking for a high lifetime value. If they have a great unboxing experience (the full experience!) , there's no reason to think this will hurt them. They need that $40 a month subscription revenue to keep the company hitting their targets.

Is ranking on Amazon easier than we think?

I recently did an Interview with Daniel Tejada where he said ranking on Amazon is a simple math problem.

Sales on a keyword * Conversion rate

That's it.

Can it be that simple? Do we need to fuss about all the different SEO spots?

Amazon introduces "Our Brands" Category

There are no indications of Amazon leaving the private label from those in the trenches. You want further proof? Aaron Cordovez points out that they've introduced an "Our Brands" section. Now the SmartScout team is on the hunt to find the estimated volume for those sales ranks.


The Power in SmartScout

There's 98 ways to use SmartScout in your Amazon business. You only need to find one. That's why we're introducing a weekly training to help you learn more. Find out what's new, and get answers to your questions.

Here's the English training session  

Here's Spanish if you want to learn about eSmarteScout

Youtube Channel on the Rise

I like content that is geared towards experienced sellers. I recently had a great interview with Ian Smith, only to find that he's got plenty of high quality videos for Amazon sellers.

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