Making Passive Income on Amazon

Why Build when you can Rent?

Before you spend $100k in software development on dead end projects, consider my mistakes.  A shocking amount of software development never sees the light of day. Here's a few of my examples. I built an Amazon email tool that is inferior to feedback five. I built an agency reporting tool that is inferior to Merchant Spring.  For some reason I thought I could build an advertising bid optimizer. I failed. I'm out $100k.

What costs more than the money, is the time wasted.  Unless you have a track record of building software, be careful of reinventing the wheel.  I tell people to rent tools instead of spending  time and money to build them. There are hundreds of solutions out there. You just have to find them.

Your relationship with technology

Instead of badgering you with how awesome Prosper was last week in Vegas and talking about all the networking parties, I'd prefer to highlight really impressive technologies. It's my personal passion, but it's also now how I make a living.


I feature many on my podcast. I've got many more great companies to come. I'm building a directory of software. Get excited. It's going to change the game and help turn your business a little bit more passive.  The ones that have stood out to me in the past 3 months,, intentwise analytics and data dive.

Passive Income and Amazon Selling is a buzzword. It makes most professionals flinch. We don't like the idea of others having an easy time in a business that we struggle over. What Amazon does do very well is it scales. FBA scales. Marketing scales. The opportunity scales.  But what really helps you scale? Technology.

My challenge to you is to lean into the hundreds of tech options involved in selling on Amazon. Remove tedious tasks. Impress your clients. Know your profitability. Find opportunities. Remove yourself from operating and become a leader that generates passive income.

What's new with SmartScout?

We're innovating. Fast. We are the most affordable and the best Amazon analytics tool on the market. If you want to do market research instead of product research, there's never been a better time.

Historic Data
We're tracking brands/products/sellers/categories on a historic basis. You can now see them through some attractive charts in our Scope tool. It looks sharp.

With collections, you can track products, brands and categories to create your own market segments. You can track seller movement over time. We have a lot of people sending screenshots around just to look smart. That's what we try and do for you.

Screenshot 2022-03-23 122555

Opportunity Matrix

Hot off the press, so hot that it might not be live for only a few more days is our Opportunity Matrix. We show if there's a gap in the market for a price/quality. Is there no one in the mid market or how about high end? You can quickly visualize the market in a unique way.


Our team can show you a new way to thinking about the market. I'd argue that you should be thinking less about products and more about the market to make long term decisions. If not, you'll be doing the same old thing. Come let us open your eyes!

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