International Marketplaces

FBA Fee changes

FBA fees just changed in January.  I thought they were just a 5% increase in fees. Though for some product types (bulky and light), the dimensional weight change could increase fees from 25 to 75%. Knowing your bottom line is absolutely critical. So if you're selling pillows, now would be a great time to adjust your pricing.

We have a uniquely designed FBA Calculator that helps optimize your products for Amazon FBA fees. I needed this for my private label business. So I built one for everyone!

New SmartScout Feature

We've released plenty of updates. Sometimes we don't talk about it. Sometimes we do. When looking at a brand we are now showing how they are performing on international markets, all at once. Again, we want to save you time and give you knowledge.  More updates on this in the future, but at once glance you can see you or a competitors position. This was also highly requested for those that love doing a little game of international Arbitrage. So give it a whirl.


$10 Gift Card!

Wanna earn a quick $10 Amazon gift card and earn a lifetime of indebtedness to me? Well all you have to do is leave a "Totally Unbiased Review" on G2.  The $10 isn't coming from me, it's from G2. That's how much they want what you think of SmartScout.

In the days to come....

We have two exclusive reports in the coming weeks. They will capture your attention. I'm in talks with some major news outlets on one. So stay tuned, you won't want to miss what's coming!

-Scott Needham

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