How valuable is the top spot on Amazon?

Organic Ranking. How much better is the top spot?

In this weeks chart of the week, Colby Almond averaged the click share of the top spots across many categories on Amazon. Below are the results.

The number one spot is 50% better than the second spot. It's roughly 8 to 9 times more valuable than the 10th spot. This is how you achieve hockey stick growth. I'm testing around strategies every day to rank (the honest way!). Do you have any advice?


25 million watched Lord of the Rings

Sounds like marketing speak. Remember, what's good for Prime is good for the seller. It's one of the stickiest subscriptions out there and Amazon knows it's their heart and soul. FBA sellers get to benefit.

Amazon launches Warehousing and Distribution (AWD)

Amazon launches the program that everyone needed in 2021. Even if it's a bit late, there are some that will definitely take this. If the pricing is aggressive as it usually is, expect this to be a great way to help with storage limits and the idea of running an ecom business without actually lifting your finger. Well maybe the fingers on your keyboard and mouse.

CommerceHub Acquires ChannelAdvisor for 700m+

At $23.50 a share, a huge acquisition between two multi channel software service providers. Most true blooded Amazon sellers probably don't know much about ChannelAdvisor. They have been around a long time. They charge a lot of money for what it seems like others do.

I personally like seeing stuff like this to remind me how big the ocean is. There are brands out there that want and need enterprise solutions. They will throw six figures to solve their problems. These two outfits were competitors. Now they get to be on the same side.

The Power in SmartScout

There are 98 ways to use SmartScout in your Amazon business. You only need to find one. That's why we're introducing a weekly training to help you learn more. Find out what's new, and get answers to your questions.

Here's the English training session

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