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Which categories are dominated by Amazon?

If there’s one thing sellers learn fast, it’s that one of the worst parts of being on Amazon is competing with Amazon.  So maybe the better question would be... which categories are NOT dominated by Amazon?

In most categories, Amazon sells around 30-50% of total revenue, but below we’ve highlighted the 5 categories with the smallest Amazon presence.

Cell Phones & Accessories - 16.7% Amazon share of $576,000,000 in monthly revenue

Arts, Crafts & Sewing - 18.4% share of $454,000,000

Industrial & Scientific - 21.5% share of $450,000,000

Automotive - 21.8% share of $959,000,000

Patio, Lawn & Garden - 24.7% share of $1,725,000,000

With Amazon staying mostly out of these categories, that leaves tons of room for regular players to make a stand! Within these categories you'll find wide ranges of revenue share across subcategories, which we’ll touch on next week. In the meantime, happy hunting!

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