First the tips, then the trips!

There's so much going on this week: Amazon companies being hacked, seller events, and training opportunities

Keep your data, and products, safe

Twitch, an Amazon-owned, game-streaming company, suffered a data breach this past week. It’s unknown how much data was exposed to hackers, but there has been significant internal company data posted online so far. For being one of the internet’s most dominant companies, it’s disappointing to hear that Amazon was unable to prevent such a hack.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do (some simple, some complicated), to help keep your personal data safe, and how to keep your Amazon business safe from counterfeit products and hijackers:

Protecting Data

Use strong passwords

If your passwords are usernames, emails, birthdates, phone numbers, or the same one on every site you visit, it's time to make some updates. Better yet, use a password manager! Most of them are free for individual users.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Amazon requires it more and more now, for good reason. If your data is leaked on another website, a hacker still can't gain access to your accounts without physical access to your phone.  It can be tedious, but it is highly secure.

Protecting Products and Brands

None of these methods are foolproof, but Amazon is providing more and more protection services that everyone should decide on for themselves:

Trademark your brands and products

This can be a long process, but provides a foundation of legal protection for your products

Enroll in Amazon's brand protection plans

There are three key plans sellers can enroll in, with various benefits available:

The last, most important step, is to actually follow through on this! Monitor your products, watch out for suspicious activity, and get your whole team on board with keeping things secure.

Live and Online Training Events

There are so many exciting opportunities coming up! Our headquarters was just hit with our first snowstorm of the year, so we're anxious to get to Florida for these events:


FBA Live by Titan Network

Titan Network is hosting another LIVE public event for Amazon sellers.

This will be a 2-day event hosted in Orlando, FL that doesn't just promote strategies for building your business, but major networking opportunities as well. Come visit our booth, or register if you haven't already!

Smartscout Powwow exhibitor

Powwow in Miami

You can also visit us for a single day event in Miami! Come and powwow with other top sellers for a day. Register here.


Are you a new seller just trying to learn the ropes?

Not everyone can fit travel into their schedule, and sometimes those events aren't all they're cracked up to be, especially for beginners. If you've been waiting for the right course to guide you on your Amazon journey, Proven's Wholesale Sourcing Training might be the best fit. It's a 7-week training course made specifically for new sellers that shows how SmartScout can help you build a long-term wholesale Amazon business.

You can meet the course instructors by listening to this podcast, or click on the link below to take advantage of early bird pricing for the course. This is a low-risk offer: they offer a "No Questions Asked" 30-day money back guarantee, with some of the best discounts we've ever offered on our subscriptions!

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