Amazon is going to do it twice?!?!

Prime Day 2.0

Since Amazon is getting really good at making something out of nothing.

Here they go again!

It further sets them apart as a deal site of their own. I personally enjoyed purchasing some grocery items list last Prime Day and I'll probably do a similar round of deal hunting for new and interesting things.

I have a new perspective on Prime Day this year if you've followed along. It can be leveraged in unique ways. I think it's harder for brand new sellers to get all the juice. Lightening Deals do better when you already have traffic as your chances to climb the deals page (one of the most trafficked pages on Amazon) is better.

SmartScout just launched a Rank Score feature that will actually be the first of its kind to help you see if there are any halo ranking effects to a great marketing push. So I'll be paying close attention to the winners.

Rank Score is a summation of all your keyword rankings. Essentially it's your organic reach. We have both charts and filters for this data point.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 160238

New Amazon Seller Dashboard

Amazon launched a new FBA Dashboard to see the health of your business. It's helpful to have quick insights into high-level status of your business. I used to have to run a report and some excel razzle dazzle just to see the healthiness of our inventory.  The rest of the widgets seem to resemble things we have seen before.

This is my accounts Inventory Age. How are we doing? I know.... not that great.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 154323

Customers ask Alexa

Amazon is increasing the capabilities of Alexa for sellers. You can have common questions answered by Alexa for your products. Interesting.

I don't love Alexa + Amazon Selling. It just feels clunky. How many products would you buy sight unseen? Then if the product doesn't work as expected, how many are going to turn to Alexa to solve a very niche problem? This looks really cool, but I don't expect it to move the needle. Invest your time elsewhere.

Am I a Luddite? With Alexa and Amazon Sellers. Yes. Yes I am.  

Conquer Amazon in Utah

I'm participating in a Utah Amazon focused event. This event is bringing  DTC brands and Amazon Sellers alike for a 3-hour learning session on growing in the Amazon channel.  We have a great list of panel leads.

But really, if you're in Utah or want to enjoy some fall leaves. Come!

The Smoothest way to Send to Amazon FBA

The *new* Ship to Amazon workflow isn't working super well for larger sellers. If you have a team working on shipments where the case packs aren't pre-built, or if you use more than one SKU per box I've heard many complaints. That's why I brought Larry Lubarsky to talk on this weeks podcast. He has a solution 2D workflow. Simplifies the process.  Check it out.

The Power in SmartScout

There are 98 ways to use SmartScout in your Amazon business. You only need to find one. That's why we're introducing a weekly training to help you learn more. Find out what's new, and get answers to your questions.

Here's the next training session

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