Amazon Growth Agency Becomes Adept with SmartScout

Sometimes a new tool only seems effective because anything  would have helped. When that same tool helps a business that's been around for 12 years? Probably a chance something special is going on here.

Dan Meszaros runs an agency that represents over 200 brands on Amazon, and he has some thoughts to share on whether SmartScout has made job any easier.

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Over the past few months, Buy Boxer Services (BBS) has added SmartScout to our tech stack to further assist us in our clients’ growth. SmartScout has played a pivotal role in driving 40% month over month growth for our clients as well as managing extremely profitable ad campaigns. I wanted to highlight a few of the key ways that we leverage the tools of SmartScout to our advantage.

We use SmartScout to understand product flow and capitalize on competitor’s organic traffic

We’ve found that up to 35% of sales through Amazon are driven through Amazon’s recommendations engine. When your product shows up as “frequently bought together,” “4 stars and above,” or “products related to this item,” you build instant validity and in turn have a higher chance of converting.

Showing up as "frequently bought together" or "products related to this item" builds instant validity

SmartScout maps this traffic perfectly. I can look up our top competitor and see exactly which listings are driving traffic to that product. This single feature has led to BBS being able to place ads directly on the products where it most makes sense. Results have been staggering in driving conversion rates of ads up and ACOS down.

Understanding new clients in minutes

SmartScout allows us to understand the complete landscape of a new client in a fraction of the time it used to take, allowing us to get to what matters most: optimizing and driving sales.

Within seconds, I can use the Seller tools to get a complete understanding of all your products, all the different offerings, prices, etc. that may exist throughout your catalog. This makes our attack plan of removing rogue sellers and controlling your brand much easier.

SmartScout allows us to understand the competitive landscape in depth

SmartScout’s subcategory understanding is second to none. Once again, within moments, I get an in depth look at all competitors within a category, estimate revenue, # of products, reviews, etc, and can quickly determine the size of an opportunity for our clients. It also informs our decisions and strategy as to what it will take to get you ranking organically on page 1 for your key categories.

That’s where the magic happens. Get your product to rank organically on page 1 in your category and BOOM go the sales numbers. Now that we have SmartScout, we know the path to get there.

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