Amazon Buys Multiple Companies

Shopify vs Amazon 2022

If the stock market was a proxy for who's doing better in e-commerce dominance. Amazon is in the lead. They're down only 20% to Shopify's 75%.

Shopify was always going to lose until they got serious about fulfillment. Buying Deliverr was a start. They're going to need to really nail that acquisition to have hope against Amazon.

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Amazon acquires Roomba + OneMedical

        Amazon acquired Roomba.  This has similarities to their purchase of Ring. It has all the synergies. Great data about homes. Sells extremely well on their own platform. Oh... and did I mention data?

Amazon also acquired OneMedical. Not relevant to sellers. But really, anything that improves the Prime program is relevant to sellers.

Business loans at a great interest rate with Braavo

I've taken on loans several times with my Amazon selling business. Really what matters to me is getting the best interest rate. That's what Braavo can do.

Why? Because they are a bank. They're not a fintech. They can provide a traditional line of credit. The most flexible of the capital options. Amazon offers a term loan. With  a line of credit, only use what you need. When you need.

Braavo connects to your Amazon account and within minutes can know what you qualify for. If there's a time worth refinancing your loan, this is the place I'd recommend. See what you qualify for here.  (Sponsored)

Amazon Insurance Change

Again Amazon updates its policy for liability insurance. You don't have to have a zero deductible. That's a relief. This requirement has been picking up steam for a while. I have a 2m+ business without insurance. Amazon hasn't been strict with us yet. What's next here?

Brand Analytics

For those with Brand Analytics on you seller central account. You now have access to repeat purchase behavior. I think this is actually very rudimentary, but way better than nothing.

Post Prime Day

This year I became a believer in Prime Day again. I think I grew tired of everyone talking about it all the time. I think Prime Day is a success if you spend all year growing a good business. After shopping for myself on Prime Day more than ever, I understood the long term goal here. This weeks podcast I jump on with Victor Dwyer of Pirawna and talk about strategies they have with clients to get to seven figures in a day.

Surge Conference in Tampa

An Amazon sellers conference in Tampa. The speaker list is stacked. So stacked, that I allowed myself to be on it. It's not easy to get away with a new toddler in the family so I only can go to things that matter. I think this one does. Prices are rising. The code PSVP gets you in for cheaper. See you there!

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