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Find and grow more Amazon clients

Discover hundreds of prospective Amazon sellers within SmartScout's database, and grow their businesses exponentially with our profitability tools.

Are you struggling to find clients on Amazon?

That's because your sourcing is a trickle instead of a firehose.

Finding great clients is a numbers game.

But with most sourcing methods, increasing those numbers is impossible, especially when you're looking for Amazon businesses through incomplete lists or scrutinizing sellers one by one on

Smartscout blows these methods out of the water.

With it, you can find hundreds of Amazon sellers, within minutes, that meet your criteria. And, to top it off, you can also boost your clients' brands with our profitability tools.

Connecting with your ideal clients just got a whole lot easier

SmartScout's complete seller database is the quickest (and easiest) way to find all the sellers you want to work with on Amazon.

Focus on your niche

Concentrate on one or more categories. With the category filter, you can find the Amazon businesses that sell in your preferred niche. 


Target monthly revenue

Sellers who move lots of products value their Amazon listings. Set the monthly revenue filter to find the businesses that'll want your services.


Isolate your ideal client

Filter for private label or resellers. The Full Brand Coverage column shows how many brands a seller has with at least 60% of the estimated sales.


Filter by FBA percent

Find sellers who already have a strong FBA presence or could use your expertise to transition into an FBA dominant seller.


Discover nearby sellers

Find sellers you'd like to work with face to face with the location filters. With it, you can determine the city and state of your ideal client.


Analyze growth trends

Target companies that are declining, stable, or on the rise. Depending on your consulting service, you can zero in on clients in any type of growth phase.

How do you help your clients?

With SmartScout's profitability tools, you can help grow your clients' margins exponentially.

Deal Sourcing

Identify and source more deals with an intuitive database that connects sellers, brands, and products seamlessly.


Get unmatched data on anything within Amazon and boost your authority (and income) with every client you advise.


Discover your clients' top competitors and target their Amazon PPC marketing campaigns at the most effective places.


Find the sellers and brands with low-scoring product pages that desperately need your photography services.


Save big money on FBA fees for your private label clients with tools that show you the profitability of shaving off ounces.

Take your agency services to the next level

SmartScout offers a complete suite of Amazon research tools to make your marketing or consulting agency even better at what it already does.

Break into new territory

Nerd out on every data point within any of Amazon's 40,000+ subcategories and discover untapped niches with dozens of potential clients.

Uncover hidden subcategories with little competition.

Get valuable subcategory data to advise your clients.

Find the categories bringing in the most revenue.

Traffic Graph

Dominate Amazon PPC

Aim your PPC campaign at the product pages that best complement your clients' products and watch their sales shoot through the roof.

See the traffic flow of your top competitors.

Identify the products with the best traffic strength

Export the results and paste them into your advertising

Seller Map

Find local sellers

Discover Amazon sellers working in your city or state and meet up to demonstrate how your services can benefit their businesses.

Zoom in on your city to view sellers near you.

See information on any seller with just a click.

Search the map by category, revenue, or seller name.


Spot struggling brands

With our extensive brand database, you can quickly identify the ones that are doing poorly and pitch how your services can boost their sales.

Know the quality of a brand's content with a score.

Get all the data on the products a brand offers.

Filter by category, revenue, product count, and more.

Experience the power of Amazon data today

Try SmartScout free for 7 days and see first-hand how its Amazon research tools can multiply your clients and the potential of your services.