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See how Brands are really performing on Amazon

Tailored Reports, designed with small businesses and agencies in mind, complies data across more than 500 key metrics to offer deep insights, actionable next steps, and an overall brand score to help you understand what’s strategies are working, and where to improve.

Monthly Revenue

See monthly, or weekly intervals in revenue across as little as one week, or as far out as sales data exists. Compare year over year values. See revenue for the brand overall.
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Brand Score

Compare yours (or your competitors) with other players in the market and learn how to improve it so you can raise your conversion rates and average ratings.
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Seller Market Share

See which sellers are dominating a brand’s sales, what share they have, and how overall competitive a brand is.
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At-A-Glance Data

Scan brands quickly with the most important data points up-front and accessible. See average reviews, ASINs, average selling price, overall Amazon in-stock rates, and average product size, all in one place!
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Competitor Analysis

See head-to-head performance data for the top product in a brand, and compare it with the top competing product. See the battleground of keywords, rankings, rates of change, and so much more.
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Subcategory Market Share

See a breakdown of a brand’s top categories, and understand their placement, as well as their performance over time compared to other brands.
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Keyword Performance

How does a brand perform across relevant keywords? We show these data clearly in another head-to-head with the top products of a brand pitted against their top competitors. Break keyword performance even further by seeing exactly how many of a brand’s keywords are top ranked.
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