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The Amazon Deals You Need to Know

All the types of Amazon Deals. When to use them, and when not to. Here’s a quick breakdown. 

As an Amazon Seller of 10 years, it is tricky to know exactly how to best leverage what Amazon offers. After speaking with Klaidas of AMZ Bees, a successful Amazon Agency, it all came together. We then collaborated to put this guide together.

I used one of these to 3x revenue across three brands on Fall Prime Day with 20 minutes of effort. I will definitely be doing that again. Here's a cheat sheet.

Quick tip: Prime Exclusive Discount is my current favorite.

Infographic of all the Amazon deal types

Lightning Deal

This deal costs $150. Your ASIN must be invited to participate on the deals page. You do not select the time or day. You select the week. You also select the inventory amount that you’re willing to sell for this deal. If you run out, the deal is over. A good benchmark allowance is 3x more than a normal day of sales. You want to get close to running out. Additionally, a percentage discount of 25-30% is required.

How do you pop off with a Lightning Deal? 

You have a product that is Giftable, with a wide audience appeal. A toy, a gadget, something that is easily understood. Consumables. 

Now, this is important. To really pop off, you need a lot of traffic. Why? Because that gets you to the top of the Lightning deals page where your impression count will skyrocket. This is the most trafficked page on Amazon. After having run many Lightning Deals that didn’t work, this is the key differentiator. Amazon looks at the overall volume of the deal to put it into the rankings. If you do 300 unit sales on a normal day, you already are going to have a huge advantage over someone with 10 sales a day. 

What if you don’t have a ton of traffic but you’re in a super niche hobby? Let me introduce you to the…

Prime Exclusive Discount

The new kid on the block. The best way to get access to Prime Day and Black Friday. You get a nice big light blue badge. It also increases discoverability as shoppers browse deals a lot on Prime holidays. If you are new to Deals, this can be an easy way to start. During non-holidays, you can run a Prime Exclusive Discount of as little as 10% off. 

There are bulk uploads and you can select very targeted days for these to go live. Of all the deals, this is the easiest to roll out and understand actually what’s going on. The only tricky part is the requirement that you have set the “List Price” on your listing. This is how Amazon can verify the size of the discount overall. Your deal will be suppressed without this. 

Exclusive discounts on Amazon

This is the best way to really grow your sales on any special Prime Event. Launching 100 Prime Exclusive Discounts across three brands took me 20 minutes and it 3x’d my sales on each day of the Fall Prime Day. What if you don’t want to give a big a discount? Let me introduce you to the….


This old hat has been around a while. It’s got several great things going for it. It can be used in conjunction with other deals to value stack to the consumer to an unstoppable solution. 

Amazon coupon example

Here’s one catch. It costs 60 cents per activation. The good news, however, is that in several experiments, only about half of the consumers check the box. It’s very easy to miss. Chances are, you have yourself. This makes it feel unique. When a customer clicks the button to apply the coupon, they feel like they are finding something at the right time. They feel the value they are gaining. 

You can raise your prices and then offset that with a coupon. You gain an additional badge forever, although you have to redo your coupons every three months. 

Top Deal/ Deal of the Day

This is reserved for products that have a chance to do over $200k in a single day. You have to work with an account manager from either Launchpad or SAS Core to get access and even then it must be “approved." Once approved, you can return time and time again. 

But why the fuss? This is the single-highest impression deal that Amazon offers. It gets you to the front of all the Lightning deals. 

Amazon's Top Deals of the Day

And if you are the top of the top deal? You make it to the front page of Good luck staying in stock if this is your position. 

7 Day Deal

This deal is similar to the lightning deal. You don’t get the chance of the extra boost by making it to the top of the deals page though. It costs money but it does run for 7 days instead of a random 4 hour window. This is a great idea for a long term conversion boost. 

Because you have to be a “selected ASIN” and it costs money upfront, I recommend trying out Prime Exclusive Discounts first. 

Amazon Promotion

These are some of the oldest ways to promote your product. There’s interesting combinations such as buy one get one. Discounts for buying additional units. But where Promotions truly shine is via coupon codes. This makes them much more friendly to external traffic customers if you want to offer your social media or email list something unique. 

You have to be careful as there are many options in selecting a promotion and there are some horror stories of allowing customers to combine promotions to get products extremely cheap. 

How you create a promotion on Amazon

Questions Answered:

What’s the Right Discount To Offer?

If you want to juice your sales to heights you’ve rarely seen, then bigger the better. Ask yourself this question, if you are comfortable selling at 30% ACOS, why not be comfortable with a deal at 30% off? It functions quite similarly. Think of it as new customers. 

When Is a Deal a Wrong Move?

Running a deal if inventory and supply chain will force you to stock out. These are really great opportunities for when you have a deep inventory. 

Who Benefits the Most From Amazon Deals?

These deals become more valuable to your goals if you have repeat purchases (consumables/beauty). Simply getting your product in a customer's hand can lead to more sales via word of mouth or brand loyalty. So product inserts become more important as they become additional brand impressions.

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