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Boost Your Amazon Business With Video Content

It’s no surprise that video content and audio content are taking storm this early into 2021. With the viral hold e-commerce has had on consumer activity in the last year, it makes sense that various types of content output are necessary to help brands boost awareness and trust in their audiences.

Video content is essential to brand building as it assists in creating a brand profile. Video content can take many forms and include social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Advertising, Webinars, etc.

While video was once a costly production, the more mainstream it has become, the more accessible it is to the small and large brands — and any size in between. Video content is a great way to build a relationship with your audience and make people feel connected to a sense of brand community. This connection can be an effective means to sales, but also brand loyalty.

If you’re an Amazon seller, video content is key to your business’s growth, and you can quickly master delivery in a few simple options.

Amazon Business Video Content

Video Content You Need To Look Out For

  • Social Platforms (TikTok & Instagram)
  • Amazon Live
  • Amazon Video Advertisements

We’ll break down how to leverage each video content component to help you boost your Amazon business below!


In December, our sister company Buy Boxer experienced a massive impact from a TikTok video that went viral, so we know first hand the benefits that can come from this type of content creation.

The video in question hit 15 million views, jumped our sales rank from 1500 to 100, and spiked our sales to the point of awe and disbelief, all literally from 60 seconds worth of content, for a full view of the TikTok video head here.

Social Video Content Creation Tips

  1. Start small but be consistent. Video content on Instagram and TikTok requires daily effort and consistency to please the algorithms.
  2. Post on all video mediums. TikTok content creators suggest posting 1- 3 times a day, while Instagram users recommend posting on all available channels. Ex: Instagram Reels, Stories, and IGTV.
  3. If you’re not comfortable posting your content, hire a brand ambassador or someone from your brand’s inner workings to be the face of your video content.
  4. Get creative! Both Instagram and TikTok offer various tools to help you personalize and engage your audience. Take advantage of the music available in your country as viral songs are said to help gain videos more recognition. Think of video content as you would in your other social profiles, and post content surrounding the four main content pillars: Educate, Inspire, Promote, and Entertain.

Amazon Live

Released last fall, Amazon live was in Beta. Now out of the trial period, there is discussion in the Amazon community about whether or not the extension to Amazon advertising content will take off.

But, like anything, time will tell as to its success rate. In the meantime, it’s essential to pick up on these trends and at least give them space, provided you have the opportunity.

To access Amazon live, a seller needs to be Brand Registered. Similar to QVC style content, content is created by way of video to model and demonstrate a brand’s products and then streamed live for viewing. This content is featured across Amazon’s home page and Amazon listings for easy access to your audience.

Tips to Creating Great Live Streaming Content

  1. Good lighting. Lighting can make or break how your content looks, and therefore who watches. Invest in a ring light if you don’t have a larger budget for a production team.
  2. Work with influencers. If you’re not comfortable being the face of your brand, that’s okay. Source influencers through agencies, but be sure that you have the right fit for your brand, as this should be a fun and engaging experience for everyone. Also, remember that pricing for an influencer varies based on many factors, such a reach.
  3. Be sure that the individual doing the demonstration understands the product fully at the outset. Provide them with a full scope of features and benefits alongside a healthy FAQ list.

This is a great chance to connect with your audience, and since, as of yet, there isn’t a flood of participants, it’s a good time to give it a try and stand out!

Amazon Video Advertising

Not every Amazon marketplace has the ability to create a video located in the Amazon listing image section. For example, this is not yet available in the Canadian market, providing a seller avoids black hat tactics.

However, for those sellers that are Brand Registered, the option to create stunning video advertisements regardless of what market you are in is available at your disposal.

Besides the apparent brand-boosting awareness and eye-catching content, another benefit of video advertising is that not many sellers take partake in it. Doing so is a great way to differentiate yourself on the platform and become a more recognized brand.

Amazon Video Ad Creation Tips

Video content, like any form of content, requires a strategic plan of action to be successful.

  1. If you’re small and just starting, focus on microforms of video content production that are free and only require your time and energy. As your business grows and you become Brand Registered, begin creating your video content using software such as Biteable, where the cost is low considering the reach the ad can have to an Amazon audience.
  2. Your Amazon video advertising can vary, so remember to track these campaigns closely. 
  3. Once again, get creative. There are many resources online for DIY video content creation, and the result can be shockingly good! 

All in all, it’s vital to stay ahead of trends. While there may be uncertainty about Amazon Live’s viability, it’s a great idea to participate early on to get your feet wet. If Amazon Live doesn’t take off, there will always be new video content innovations on and off Amazon, so be open-minded and ready to explore.

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