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8 Strategies To Boost Your Conversion Rates on Amazon

If you’re an ecommerce seller on Amazon, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your sales. There’s always room for more growth, right?

Any seller on Amazon knows the significance of driving traffic to your store for generating revenue. 

However, you should also learn how to optimize your conversion rates on Amazon. 

If you’re unsure how to start, you’ve come to the right place.

This article discusses eight proven tactics that successful Amazon store owners use to optimize conversion rates. I’ll also explain conversion rates and how you can boost conversions.

What Does Amazon Conversion Rate Mean?

Here are ways you can boost conversion rates on Amazon

Your Amazon conversion rate refers to the percentage of shoppers who purchase and the number of people who visit your shop. 

For example, if 100 visitors check out your Amazon product listing, and ten of them buy the product, the conversion rate for it would be 10%.

Amazon’s conversion rates are some of the best online, boasting an average of up to 15% conversions. 

You can still grow and improve if you’re not close to this rate.

A higher conversion rate means you get more sales out of your incoming traffic, showing more effectiveness in your promotions and marketing efforts. 

Your goal for your Amazon business should always be to find avenues, strategies, and tactics to optimize Amazon listings.

Why Conversion Rates Matter

Why should Amazon sellers bother thinking about conversion rates and how to increase them? Here are the most compelling reasons.

More Sales 

Conversion rates matter because they help you get more sales. A higher conversion rate means more visitors are taking a desired action, like purchasing from your Amazon store.

Suppose you have a 2% conversion rate in your Amazon store and make $5,000 monthly. Increasing your conversion rate by just one percent means you can earn another $2,500 monthly or $30,000 annually.

Improved Advertising ROI

By converting more visitors into customers, businesses can see a greater return on their marketing and advertising investments. 

In paid social media advertising, business owners and marketers always measure return on ad spend (ROAS). One way to improve your returns on paid ads is to improve your conversion rates. 

Lower Costs

Getting more sales out of lesser marketing costs means fewer business costs. You spend fewer dollars to get a certain income level, optimizing your business and improving its sustainability. 

8 Strategies To Boost Your Conversion Rates on Amazon

Strategies can vary when it comes to conversion

Here are eight strategies to improve your Amazon conversion rates.

  1. Niche Down.

Amazon Statistics indicate that there are around 2 million active sellers on the ecommerce marketplace. 

How do you stand out in such a massive crowd? 

One effective strategy is to focus on an underserved niche. 

Sellers tend to flock towards highly saturated trendy niches. While doing so can provide some success, converting buyers will be challenging, especially when other sellers start price wars. 

It’s better to find niches with lower competition. You can use Amazon keyword research tools to discover high-search volume keywords your competition isn’t targeting.

When fewer sellers offer a product online, your conversion rates will likely increase.

  1. Build a Solid Brand.

Finding product categories that no one else has tapped into can be burdensome. 

However, building your brand on Amazon helps you stand out amidst the crazy competition. You’re more likely to convert visitors to buyers if you create branded products with a unique spin.

Here are ways to inject unique branding into your product.

  • Create unique product designs (especially if you sell apparel and fashion products).
  • Make well-designed packaging.
  • Add a catchy tagline to your store and products.
  • Connect your products and brand to a worthy cause.

Being on the Amazon Brand Registry helps because it shows your brand is trustworthy and reputable. 


  1. Offer Discounts or Free Shipping.

Shoppers often scour the web in search of better deals on products. 

Price is a vital deciding factor when people buy online. Thus, running seasonal discounts can help boost your conversion rates. 

You can offer these discounts on special occasions, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, New Year, or Halloween. 

Don’t forget to include contextual celebrations, such as your business anniversary or birthday (Give a special offer on your special day!)

You can also do other promotional offers, like free shipping for a minimum order or a buy-one-get-one deal. However, check your profit margins before running any of these discounts or promos. 

Ensure you’re still selling at a profit and not eating into your margins. There’s no point in increasing conversion rates if you lose money on those conversions. 

  1. Include High-quality Product Photos.

Many of today’s most avid shoppers are highly visual, meaning the quality of your images plays a crucial role in your conversion rates. 

Prioritize professional-quality photography to improve your Amazon conversion rates. Invest in a good camera and lighting gear to take better pictures of your products. 

You don’t need professional gear to take amazing photos. Many smartphones have cameras that trump the quality of entry-level digital cameras and DSLRs. 

Lighting plays a significant role in photos. You can rely on natural light and shoot during the day or buy lighting gear to highlight the tremendous visual aspects of your products. 

Don’t worry if you doubt your visual creative skills. That’s completely fine. Instead of taking photos yourself, you can hire a professional photographer to take pictures for you. 

  1. Highlight the Benefits of Your Product.

Persuasive copywriting is critical to improving conversion rates on your Amazon store. When writing descriptions and headlines for your product, emphasize the benefits that your customers will get when they use your product. 

  • Buying fandom-based merchandise gives shoppers access to a community.
  • Buying pepper spray gives them a sense of safety.
  • Buying makeup gives them a sense of beauty. 
  • Buying valentines gifts for loved ones is an investment into their relationship. 

Benefits drive purchase decisions. Line up the advantages of your products and make it easy for customers to visualize them. Provide as many benefits as possible to give people more reasons to complete the checkout process.

  1. Tap Into Influencers.

There’s substantial trust between influencers and their followers. You’re borrowing that influencer’s trust when you tap into an influencer network. In return, influencers receive compensation for lending you that trust. 

Leveraging an influencer network is crucial to improving conversion rates because more trust means less friction in the buying journey. 

When someone else talks about your brand, it also sounds less pushy and adds more authority to the testimonial.

You can tap into the Amazon Influencer Program and work with influencers and creators there, as they already have experience promoting products on Amazon. 

These individuals are already promoting products on the same platform, meaning you reduce the purchase friction. This strategy makes people more likely to buy when they click on a link to your Amazon ecommerce store. 

  1. Include Social Proof.

Speaking of trust, shoppers trust other shoppers’ words immensely. 

Gathering reviews and testimonials to enhance your social proof is vital to growing your conversion rate. 

A remarkable 49% of online shoppers trust online reviews they see online. These reviews will convince buyers to buy from your shop. 

You also have the option to turn some of those reviews into social media graphics, description copies, or website elements. These elements will also help boost your social proof and give new and existing buyers to trust you enough to buy your products.

  1. Use Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Content).

Amazon A+ content refers to the premium content feature that lets Amazon sellers create visually appealing product listings. In other words, you can turn a product listing into an engaging and beautiful landing page. 

Visually appealing product listings help your conversion rates as people remember 65% of information with visual aids for as long as three days. It also helps keeps your store and your products top of mind to your viewers and increases the chances that they’ll buy from you. 

You can easily lay out the A+ content if you're great at visuals. If you don’t have the time or know-how to do it, consider hiring a professional designer to create the A+ page’s layout. 

If you apply these tips, you can increase conversion

The Bottom Line

Other tactics and strategies can help you improve your Amazon listings or store’s conversion rate. But these eight should be a good place for you to start. 

You can take one or two tactics at a time and implement those first before moving to the next batch.

Remember to keep testing and learning to grow your store.

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