Utah Amazon Sellers

Utah stands out in the e-commerce landscape as having one of the highest densities of Amazon sellers in the United States. This notable concentration reflects the state's vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and its favorable business environment. The significant presence of Amazon sellers in Utah contributes to a dynamic and competitive marketplace, underscoring the state's role as a key player in the national e-commerce sector.

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Why would this be?

Utah has always been a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. Often cited as a top state for starting a business.

Utah's business landscape, encompassing both small startups and large enterprises, actively embraces the Amazon marketplace as a pivotal platform for growth and outreach. These diverse businesses leverage Amazon's extensive reach and robust infrastructure to expand their customer base, both locally and globally. This widespread adoption of Amazon among Utah's businesses reflects a strategic shift towards digital commerce, aligning with modern consumer trends and the evolving retail environment.

Top Sellers in Utah

Here is a list of the top sellers in Utah:


Pattern, recognized as the world's largest seller, has carved out a unique niche by partnering with brands to amplify their sales on various marketplaces. Its business model focuses on collaborating with brands to optimize their online presence and sales strategies, effectively boosting their growth in the digital marketplace. Having attracted significant capital investments due to its successful approach, Pattern continues to expand rapidly, showcasing robust growth in the competitive e-commerce arena. It is are investing in Utah and hosting its annual Accelerate Conference in May this year in Salt Lake City.

Direct to Consumer Brands succeeding on Amazon

Two brands stand out for their successful direct-to-consumer approach and growth on the Amazon marketplace: Kizik and Copper Pearl. Kizik, known for its innovative hands-free shoes, has capitalized on the convenience and accessibility of Amazon to reach a wider audience, enhancing its brand visibility and customer reach. Similarly, Copper Pearl, specializing in trendy and high-quality baby accessories, has leveraged Amazon's vast customer base to scale up its business rapidly. Both brands exemplify how Utah-based companies are utilizing the Amazon platform not just as a sales channel, but as a strategic tool for brand development and reaching a global market.

What cities in Utah are doing the best?

Organized based on the number of sellers per capita, providing a measure of the density of sellers relative to the population in each location. You can download the sortable file containing this data from the link provided.

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