The Secret to Selling 1% More

1% Better

18 months ago I bought a private label business called Upstreet. The first year I failed to make the business better. This was in part because of the quantity limits, but also because it was actually going to be hard work. Three months ago I decided to change that. We hired two additional VAs that are improving graphics and copy. I listened to podcasts and youtube videos on what the latest ranking techniques. Then we acted.  

The progress made can be compared to the British cycling team. British cycling used to be terrible. They'd never won the tour de france or did much in the olympics. So 20 years ago they hired a new performance director to "change" things. He didn't make big changes. He made small changes. Lots of them.  Everyday they focused on making themselves 1% better. It's easy. It's digestable. It worked.

Amazon is the same. It takes consistent work. Incremental improvements are the name of the game. I'm confident that every dollar of ad spend in our products will have a higher conversion rate. Our improved SEO will help us rank in more spots. It doesn't take long for 1% improvements to be game changing.



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I'm travelling to London for spring break. I convinced the wife to let me out for a night and have a sellers meetup. Love mixing in business! Anyone that wants to talk Amazon, come join me. This dinner is heavily subsidized by SmartScout. You don't need to be a subscriber, just wanting to talk Ecommerce and Amazon.

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