The largest Amazon seller closes up and liquidates

Another TikTok clone?

Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is testing its own Tik Tok style feed.

I think it's brilliant. If Amazon get's the right spin, they could bring social commerce to their own platform in a way that's unique for people looking to shop. In my most recent podcast episode we go over UGC (User Generated Content) as an Amazon strategy.

I love UGC mainly because it's low-budget and effective. Within a week we had one filmed and put on a listing. Isn't it great that content doesn't get harder?

Either way. Look to see this go live.

The Largest Amazon Seller is giving up

Packable is liquidating.

Hopefully they end up positive on the balance sheet. This is big news for those scaling an FBM operation. They were pioneers and for years were selling more units than anyone else.

Scaling a reselling business has a lot of challenges. I can speak about it for hours. Overhead on low margins is tough. Economies of scale aren't as easy to realize as you think.

What do you think?

Amazon FBA fees going up again

Amazon did us a solid by not raising much in 2020. The year we all made money. This year is different. Amazon raises prices for a third time.

Raise your prices accordingly. The fees are expected to be 35 cents on average. Your mileage may vary.

I have a lot of inventory stuck behind the great wall of Covid shutdowns. We will be raising prices to avoid stockouts.  

Business loans at a great interest rate with Braavo

I've taken on loans several times with my Amazon selling business. Really what matters to me is getting the best interest rate. That's what Braavo can do.

Why? Because they are a bank. They're not a fintech. They can provide a traditional line of credit. The most flexible of the capital options. Amazon offers a term loan. With  a line of credit, only use what you need. When you need.

Braavo connects to your Amazon account and within minutes can know what you qualify for. If there's a time worth refinancing your loan, this is the place I'd recommend. See what you qualify for here.  (Sponsored)

EFN is back!

Amazon Europe has just finished another stage to get the EFN up and going. Good news for sellers that were used to the good old days of easy cross border selling.

A+ Premium Content

This used to cost brands $250k to unlock. Amazon is now allowing sellers to apply to get this for their listings. This unlocks all sorts of modules that allows you to tell your products story better. Extra videos, image hot spots and carousels can now be unlocked.

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