Managing Currency Risk Across Marketplaces

You’ve gone through the grueling process of finding the right Amazon products to sell. All your research has paid off and your Amazon business is booming. Now your eye is on the next prize: selling globally on Amazon’s international marketplaces.


Entering new markets can widen your customer base, but can also present big challenges. Logistical issues like supplier coordination, managing customer support, and fulfillment are just a few of the obvious challenges.

But there are less obvious considerations that can have a major impact on your bottom line. In this post, we’ll cover what currency risk is and how you can manage the foreign exchange part of your business to save on your global payments.

Amazon Anti-Trust

In this politically divisive time, one issue seems to unite all governments: Amazon has gotten too big. We're not here to convince you either way, but it's important for every seller to stay up-to-date on the latest government actions. Here's what's new:

Amazon wants the new FTC chair to recuse herself from any antitrust investigations against them

Senator Warren demands stringent oversight of Amazon-MGM deal

Amazon claims India's new consumer protection laws may become over-burdensome for all online retailers

Spain has opened an investigation of possible collusion between Amazon and Apple

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