I destroyed $200,000 of inventory by the click of a button

I destroyed $200,000 of inventory by the click of a button.

I was on my honeymoon in Florence Italy. I didn't bring my laptop because my new wife and I had promised to not to do any work.

Then the call came from my warehouse manager. Amazon had reduced our quantity limits again. I broke my honeymoon promise. Sent my wife shopping (Florence!), walked to the Apple store and bought a Macbook with an Italian keyboard.

I sifted through the inventory to make sure my 9 year old Amazon company BuyBoxer only got rid of the worst of the worst. The old stale inventory that keeps costing you storage fees and just won't sell.

I hit the button. This button sends Amazon bots to seek and destroy. Our quantity count plummets and our warehouse continues production. Employees back to work.

Old inventory works against your business

Amazon FBA is the single most impactful program in e-commerce. Billions of products shipped. The fee structure is built to incentivize one thing.

Sell your inventory fast.

We are through the worst of the storage limits. That doesn't mean you shouldn't remember lessons Amazon forced upon us. Every part of your inventory pool should work for you, not against you.

With a catalogue of at once 125k active FBA products, I've seen all sorts of FBA situations. Most often we wait for competitors to stock out, Christmas to come  or advertise/discount to liquidate.

After living with the problem for years I came to one conclusion. Old inventory actively works against your business. It charges you monthly, it holds your capital and it may end up being a total write off event.

So here's your call to action today:

  • Know what inventory is over six months old, Amazon will be charging Long Term fees on anything over 9 months.
  • Get aggressive. Price down. Use Coupons (this increased conversion by 100% on stale inventory)
  • Find a liquidator. BuyBoxer has two ex employees that become liquidators themselves.

Thanks for reading!

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