Good news comes in three for Amazon Sellers

A great week of news for the honest Amazon Seller

Two great stories for Amazon sellers. Amazon's Prime Day was a success.

300 million products sold.

50m more than the previous high. The mission to create a Black Friday in middle of the year has worked. Growing sales, no deals that make them look silly, and the site not crashing is just what they needed.

Amazon shedding private label

Even more interesting than that, Amazon reducing their biggest conflict of interest to all of us sellers. Getting rid of their private label selection would help us see a long term future for building brands on the marketplace. It just feels right and because of regulatory pressure, felt inevitable at some point.

Slashing at Facebook review rings

Amazon is going after the facebook review groups. They are closing some final gaps in the review manipulation. First it was the paid reviews, then the rebated reviews and finally these adhoc groups.

They have been around for a while and many reputable sellers are apart of them, because what's the harm? The harm is that it was just gray enough that it felt alright. Now it's clear they are not and this should dissolve many. Of course they can't get everything, but it's another step in the right direction.

Amazon Private Label no longer advertising?

Amazon used to be the number one, two and three user of their own ads platform according to SmartScout research.   Their own brands are no longer hogging all the sponsored products spots that they used to. Are you seeing this as well? If you have a product competitive with an Amazon owned brand are you seeing any changes? My data indicates the change is already here!

Living like a Million Dollar Seller

This week we cover the 500+ group of million dollar sellers and how they've created a group curated for the top.

Amazon Conference in Seattle

Rumors are that there will be a conference in Seattle for Amazon sellers hosted by Amazon in September. It's not actually a rumor. It's true. You will see details soon.

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